VIDEO: “Vicious assault” on autistic Mississauga man by “Asian” gang at bus terminal

“Asian” gang. Asian is media speak for Muslim. They will never use “Muslim” or “Islamic” because it’s islamophobic and ‘racist’ even though Islam is not a race. Instead they use “Asian” (which is a race) to describe Muslims.

Try to keep up — it’s sharia semantics, and you better learn to submit to it if you want to keep your job or don’t want your life destroyed and your name ruined.

UPDATE: Christian Couple Beaten, Burnt Alive by Muslim Mob — Pregnant Wife Had Legs Broken So She Couldn’t Escape Oven

Yes, I posted on the bloodcurdling double murder of a Christian couple with four children who were beaten to a pulp and then burned to death in an oven (kiln) by a Muslim mob led by Islamic clerics. There were some details that I was unaware of that give us a gruesome glimpse at how…

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