Sharia UK: Labour MPs call for Franklin Graham to be banned from UK ahead of visit

Muslim and left-wing politicians are urging the home secretary to refuse UK entry to Franklin Graham.

The UK, once admired for its Churchillian defense of freedom in the face of bombings, bloodshed and the blitzkrieg. Today, the UK is infamous for just the opposite: stunning capitulation to the most extreme and brutal ideology on the face of the earth, sharia.


Pamela Geller, WND Column: San Francisco wages brutal war on free speech

In a unanimous vote, the uber-left San Francisco autocratic government shut down free speech on transit systems last Tuesday after our organization, the American Freedom Defense Initiative, or AFDI, submitted our latest ad campaign to the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority to run on buses across the city.


Sharia USA: Obama admin BANS PORK products from federal prisons to accommodate Muslims

Anywhere American mores and Islamic “culture” conflict, it’s American mores that have to give way. Prisons have become for jihad recruitment. ISIS is now growing in prisons systems across the Western world. How is the US government responding? NY becoming more sharia compliant. Halal prisons. NO more pork, ham, or bacon for 206,000 inmates. And…


The New York Times Runs Mother Mary Covered in Excrement, Won’t Run Muhammad Drawing

The NY Times writer who contacted me asked me for a copy of the ad. The old gray dhimmi did not see fit to print the drawing that is changing the very foundation of free speech in this country. But vile Christian imagery — they can’t get enough. This is hardly the first time: NY…


Pamela Geller, Breitbart: “New York City MTA Votes to Trash the First Amendment”

NYC has banned opposition to jihad in the public square. Think of it: 100 years of free speech in the public square — DOA. Sharia became law in New York City on April 29, 2015. Read my piece at Breitbart here. Think of it. The Nazis were allowed to rally at Madison Square Garden in…


VIDEO Pamela Geller on NBC News: NYC MTA Ban on Free Speech

Here is a fair and balanced news report on the unconstitutional ban on free speech by the MTA yesterday. Here’s the playlist of all the videos at yesterday’s fascist vote. Power-mad elites imposing sharia on free men. A century of free speech in New York’s most public square — the streets, the buses, the subways…

UK government: Muslim Brotherhood membership not proof of “extremism,” Brotherhood activists free to operate in UK

The Muslim Brotherhood, just another Muslim liberation movement, that’s all, but Robert Spencer and I — we are the real trouble. Well, that’s the world view of the British government. The British people should sleep well at night, knowing that their safety and security are in the hands of those who are so well informed and in touch with reality. What is striking — well, so much of this is ….

The End of Free Speech in Britain

Abhijit P.G. Pandya, one of our British solicitors penned this thoughtful and stunning indictment of the latest tribulation in our legal battle against the de facto sharia ban on Robert Spencer and I in the UK.
We were banned from the UK, our presence not being “conducive to the public good.”Apparently our pro-Israel views were unwelcome as well. Free speech is essential to the public good.


Chelsea Schilling, the intrepid journalist at WND that did the article on my Google ban,   contacted Google about the “sandboxing” issue, and this is what they said: Hi Chelsea, Thanks for your inquiry. Atlas Shrugs was in violation of our terms of service. When we are made aware of a potential policy violation, our team…

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