Muslim Group’s Hit List Targets More Secular Bloggers, Writers

There is brutal, bloody war on freedom across the world. And who are the elites waging war against? Ben Carson, of course. Fighting for their executioners. “Bangladesh Group’s Hit List Targets More Secular Bloggers”, IPT, September 22, 2015 A radical Islamist group in Bangladesh is threatening to take its jihad against secular writers global. The…


British Muslim was the Mastermind of Gruesome Hacking to Death of American Writer, Social Activist Who Criticized Islam

Eminent Blogger and American writer Avijit Roy was savagely murdered and his wife, blogger Rafida Ahmed Bonna, severely injured (slashed on her shoulders and the fingers of her left hand were severed) when devout Muslims hacked him to death as he was leaving a book fair at Dhaka University. Muslims stopped and dragged them from…


Jihadis hack to death noted American writer, scientist and thinker Avijit Roy, wife injured

It’s not just France and Denmark and Europe, it’s anywhere Muslims live and practice sharia. This savage war is on freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom of and from religion, and freedom of speech. In other words, imposing Islamic law by any means possible. These are dark days, my friends, and growing ever darker….

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