What 21st-Century Racism Looks Like: New ‘Uncle Toms’ and Coconuts

Who are the primary abusers of “reformist” (secular) Muslims and/or former Muslims? Hardly surprising, Muslim supremacists and their vicious lapdogs on the left. So it is no wonder that they would join forces to malign and defame emancipated Muslims as Uncle Toms or coconuts (the Islamic take on the racist term ‘oreo’ — Muslim on the outside, kafir on the inside).


“Moderate” Morocco: Christians Speak Out, Demand Their Right to Worship in Muslim Country

It’s always interesting to see what really goes on in the ‘moderate’ Muslim countries hailed as shining examples of how far modern Islamic countries have come.

The difficulties described in this article are framed as discreetly and carefully as possible, with sub titles like ‘Thorny Issue’ but it isn’t hard to read in between the lines.

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