American Muslim charged in bombing attack on US base in Afghanistan

Will the islamophobia never end? “American charged in bombing attack on US base in Afghanistan,” By Tom Hays, Associated Press (thanks to Lookmann): NEW YORK (AP) — A U.S. citizen already accused of going to Pakistan to train with al-Qaida was charged Wednesday with helping build explosives for a 2009 suicide attack on an American…


US Muslim gave Islamic State jihadis US military uniforms, combat boots, tactical gear, firearms accessories, and thousands in cash

An American Muslim convert warned us,  “We are indeed here in America,” he said. “We’re in each and every state. We’re here in Ohio. We’re more organized than you think.” He said, “talking about how we should raise Jihad in America. We should form groups and alliances with the Islamic State. When I say groups,…

America Muslim Suicide Bomber in Syria was Florida-born, raised in middle-class family

Giving proof to the lie that poverty, illiteracy, immigration status and all the other nonsense  excuses political and academic elites make for jihad — A school photograph taken in 2006, shows a handsome, smiling, all-American looking boy. Neighbors say he was a “normal boy.” Yes, until he became religious and pious, he was “normal.” It’s…

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