Iraq SHUTS DOWN Hillary Clinton’s Favorite Channel AL JAZEERA for ‘Instigating VIOLENCE’

Al Jazeera has repeatedly come under fire from the Iraqi authorities for coverage too friendly to ISIS. I have long warned of the terror network’s propaganda to incite to jihad. But the left in America embraced it. Al Gore sold his failed network to Al Jazeera (refusing to consider Glenn Beck’s offer). Hillary Clinton lauded…


81% Of Al Jazeera Arabic Poll Respondents Support Islamic State

There it is. And that slug Al Gore sold his failed network to these savages, giving them access to millions of American homes. Worse still, the US Congress never challenged the sale, despite our relentless campaign for them to do just that. SHOCK POLL: 81% Of Al Jazeera Arabic Poll Respondents Support Islamic State, Breitbart,…


US put Al Jazeera’s bureau chief on terror list

This is hardly surprising. For years here at Atlas, I have exposed the terror ties of Muslim Brotherhood broadcaster Al Jazeera and vigorously fought to keep them off the national airwaves (video here). That point became moot when leftist quisling Al Gore sold his failing TV network Current to the terror broadcaster. It wasn’t the…


Terror TV Al Jazeera leaks spy cables: Docs show CIA tried to connect with Hamas despite US Ban

Al Jazeera has announced that they will publish secret spy documents. How did they get their hands on these secret classified documents? No one is saying, but you can rest assured a jihad sympathizer/infiltrator was involved. They aren’t leaking who the leaker is. But the traitor Glenn Greenwald is an accomplice in this. Al Jazeera…

‘I AM NOT CHARLIE’: Leaked Newsroom Emails Reveal Al Jazeera Fury over Global Support for #CharlieHebdo

What so many “moderates” really think. Donald Rumsfeld called Al-Jizz’s coverage “vicious, inaccurate and inexcusable. It’s disgraceful what that station is doing.” Al Jazeera has subsequently been lauded by the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton. ‘I AM NOT CHARLIE’: Leaked Newsroom Emails Reveal Al Jazeera Fury over Global Support for #CharlieHebdo,” Blazing Cat Fur, January…

Al Jazeera op-ed praises Jerusalem synagogue jihad massacre

The U.S. government should have long ago designated Al Jazeera a terrorist organization, in the same way that it designated Al Manar (Hezb’Allah TV) a terror organization. What’s the difference between the two? Al Jazeera is the leading terrorist propaganda organization in the world. Then-Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld called the broadcaster’s reporting “vicious, inaccurate and inexcusable,” and President George…

#epicfail: Al Jazeera America Tanks, Lays Off Dozens

What happened when jihad TV came to America? Nobody watched :)

The reptile is scaling back.

Al Jazeera is a terrorist propaganda organization. Their journalists claim that the network’s management made them take a pro-Muslim Brotherhood stance on air. Members of their jihad in-house ‘talent’ were caught engaging in terror-related activities.

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