Judenrat: Kapo Democrat lawmakers threaten to stop supporting Israel over the Western Wall law

The Judenrat strike again.Democrat Jews. Where do these rogue “Jews” get off telling Israel what can or cannot do? They want Israel to lose her religion. What good could that possibly do except weaken our people. Why don’t these lawmakers concerned with “pluralism” and “equality” make these demands on sharia, the most brutal and extreme ideology on the face of the earth. Why make an issue where there is none? Why don’t these lawmakers concerned with “pluralism” and “equality” make demands for equality and pluralism in Muslim countries. Why don’t these lawmakers concerned with “pluralism” and “equality” demand Islam be expunged of Islamic Jew-hatred, creed apartheid, gender apartheid and the status of minorities of Islamic rule?

AIPAC Opposes Bill to Cut U.S. Aid to ‘Palestinians’

It’s an upside-down world. Rand Paul, son of notorious Israel hater Ron Paul, is more Jewish than AIPAC. We are watching big dinosaur Jewish groups slowly, painfully commit suicide. It’s astonishing. This is a pattern. Jewish lay leadership like AIPAC, UJA, etc., won’t have fierce, proud Zionist voices like mine address their minions, but vicious…

Obama “reportedly uneasy with Jewish lobbying in Congress”

Obama is uneasy with this, but thoroughly down with Muslim Brotherhood operatives in key positions in the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of State, the Department of Justice and the FBI.

In his second term, Obama and company are clearly comfortable with taking the mask off and spewing traditional anti-Jewish invective.
On Capitol Hill there are lobbies for everything. Literally. Anyone with a cause, a calling, a corporate interest, a national interest or an axe to grind is lobbying our lawmakers. But Obama is uncomfortable with the Jewish groups lobbying on behalf of the Jewish state.

Obama urges Jewish leaders not to back Iran sanctions

It is striking how little Obama thinks of Jewish leadership. What quislings he must think they are — cowardly and so will just go along.

“Hitler urges Jews to support Zyklon B.”

The only difference between then and now is timing. The Nazis moved with incredible speed and technology. One of the most technologically advanced countries on earth, Nazi Germany worked with laser focus to build its war machine and achieve its global goals. Islamic supremacists, on the other hand, have all the time in the world. It doesn’t matter the date or time, or century, for that matter: the book never changes, the goal never changes. That and the Muslim world is hardly the most advanced at anything except, of course, savagery and propaganda.

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