Western parliamentarians receive BPCA book about Pakistani persecution on World Book Day!

On World Book Day, the British Pakistani Christian Association confirms that, yesterday, we presented to UK, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and many EU member state parliamentarians, MEP’s and other politicians the third updated edition of the book ‘Education, Human Rights Violations in Pakistan and the Scandal involving UNHCR and Christian asylum seekers in Thailand’ .


Muslim cabdriver “LAUGHED AND LAUGHED” as he STABBED SHOPKEEPER TO DEATH for ‘disrespecting the prophet Muhammed’: ‘THERE IS ONLY ONE PROPHET!’

At the time of this Islamic attack, no one in the mainstream media would utter jihad or Islam as possible motive — just as these running dogs for Islam always do. They scrub, whitewash the motive. But Atlas readers knew. Of course, when the evidence is collected and the motive is clear, the media pack…


Muslim Council Of Britain Appoints Pro ‘Death To Apostates’ Imam To Investigate ‘Death To Apostates’ Group

Herein lies the rub – death to apostates is Islamic law. It is absolute. Any imam who follows true Islam is going to support it maybe not publicly but the two faces of Islam (one for believers, one for non-believers) is regular Islamic practice. “Muslim Council Of Britain Appoints Pro ‘Death To Apostates’ Imam To…


UK Muslim Brotherhood Group: ‘We Won’t Kill Them, But Ahmadis Aren’t Muslims’ @Harris_Zafar @MuslimIQ

The great irony here is that leaders of the Ahmadi community attack us anti-jihad activists who oppose this supremacism and hate, while protecting and despicably shilling for their executioners. Ahmadi leader/Islamic Studies Fellow Qasim Rashid and Harris Zafar, National Spokesperson for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA, viciously attack my colleagues and me. The Ahmadis suffer…


Muslim shopkeeper who wished his ‘beloved Christian nation’ a Happy Easter is stabbed 30 times by a FELLOW MUSLIM who sat laughing on his dying victim’s chest

Before his vicious murder, this truly moderate Muslim had wished his friends a “Good Friday and a very happy Easter, especially to my beloved Christian nation.” But such behavior is in violation of the sharia. And this poor man suffered the penalty for hypocrisy under Islam — death. Such behavior is unislamic. Murder of a…


Pamela Geller, Breitbart: What Qasim Rashid Doesn’t Want You to Know About Islam

Qasim Rashid is a one-man cottage industry of deception and hypocrisy, and Salon, that yellow rag of smear and hate, is only too happy to regularly publish Rashid’s unholy propaganda, never allowing Rashid’s targets to respond or correct. This is how the enemedia rolls. As Robert Spencer rightly points out: “Rashid has whitewashed Muhammad’s support…

Huffington Post, Ahmadi Muslim leader Qasim Rashid whitewash Qur’an’s teaching about subjugating Infidels

Read all of this. It is enormously informative, and extremely necessary to pierce through the fog of lies that are spread everywhere by people like Qasim Rashid. “Huffington Post, Ahmadi Muslim leader Qasim Rashid whitewash Qur’an’s teaching about subjugating Infidels,” by Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch, July 25, 2014: Why take issue with Qasim Rashid? He…

Muslim group gets its own caucus on Capitol Hill

Today a caucus, tomorrow the Congress. Politicians are so desperate to find “the moderate Muslims” that they’ll do extraordinarily stupid things. 15,000 Ahmadi Muslims and they get their own caucus? These “moderate” Muslims smear, defame and attack counter jihadists like Robert Spencer and me, so color me skeptical. I have debated them on television here and in print. They provide essential cover for the global jihad.

As “blasphemers” face execution in Muslim countries, Washington Post scrubs the sharia: “blasphemy charges pervert Islam’s teachings”

This is a bit of chuckle. I am laughing ….with blood. The Washington Post is whitewashing the blasphemy laws under the sharia (Islamic law) in accordance with the blasphemy laws under the sharia. lol

The Washington Post self-enforces the sharia in all of its reportage and analysis. They will not cover the motive and ideology behind the global jihad. They will not cover the mass slaughter of non-Muslims in Muslim countries, for fear of offending Muslims (again, in accordance with sharia law). They are quite notorious.


Pamela Geller, Breitbart News: “The Islamization of America in 2013”

Do not miss my lengthy piece at Breitbart. It is a must-read: “The Islamization of America in 2013,”  By Pamela Geller, Breitbart News Pamela Geller The Islamization of America in 2013 Since I wrote my book Stop the Islamization of America and established the Stop Islamization of America initiative of my organization, the American Freedom…

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