Boston Judge Sanctions Speech Restrictions: Denies Motion to Display AFDI ‘Tweaked’ ‘Pro-Israel’ Ad

In our ongoing fight for free speech with the city of Boston, we had filed a second lawsuit against the MBTA for their capricious and arbitrary flouting of the First Amendment.

Let’s be honest. If any town in America needs our pro-Israel ads, it’s Boston.

We resubmitted our pro-Israel ad, and instead of using the word savage, we substituted “those engaged in savage acts.” Ridiculous, yes, but we meant to make a point.

VIDEO: AFDI Censorship Lawsuit Against Seattle Transit Refusal to Run Anti-Terrorism Bus Advertisement

Seattle Transit refused to run the FBI’s Global Terrorism ad, so AFDI submitted it, and was refused. Of all the free speech legal battles I am embroiled in, this one is the most absurd. And the most fun, because it is so ridiculous on its face, but it illustrates the crippling submission and capitulation of government authorities to Islamic supremacist demands.


Photos: #MyJihad Buses RRRRRRRRRolling

Beautiful! Buy a bus! Contribute to AmericanFreedomDefense@aol.com You would think that with the media orgy over the bizarre Hamas-CAIR #MyJihad camapaign ads (an hour special on the BBC, WaPo, NY Times, ABC, NBC, CBS and international press) that a real jihad campaign might garner some attention. Not. so. much. as. a column. inch. The enemedia’s…

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