Former Imam Used London Mosque As “Base of Operations for the Global Export of Violence and Terror”

“Mustafa Kamel Mustafa, the former north London imam more commonly known by his alias Abu Hamza, used his Finsbury Park mosque in the mid and late-1990s as his ‘base of operations for the global export of violence and terror’, a US prosecutor has told a New York court.” But with a British government that wants to make London into a global center of Sharia finance, what’s the problem with that? To be consistent, they should be embracing Abu Hamza, not sending him to the US to stand trial.

Brother of Jihadist who Beheaded and Butchered Lee Rigby on a London Street blames life sentence on judge’s ‘hatred of Islam’

I am not surprised by Mujaahid Abu Hamza’s brother’s staunch support for Islam and jihad, no matter how brutal and bloody. That is pure Islam. That is authentic Islam. Instead, look at what the BBC will air and promote. The BBC advances the most savage and brutal of ideologies — the most extreme on the face of the earth. But the BBC will call my opposition to ethnic cleansing, Jew-hatred, gender apartheid, creed apartheid, and FGM, racism, “bigotry” and “islamophobia.”

Hamza: Dogs of the West

BBC: Controversial cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri accused Western leaders of being sugar daddies to Israel because they were being blackmailed, his trial has heard. Mr Abu Hamza claimed Israel had files on Western politicians. Jews know how to control people. This is how they know how to control our leaders," he said in a sermon, played…

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