The UAE and the Democratic-CAIR terror axis

In 2014, the UAE published a list of 82 designated terrorist groups. Nestled between al-Qaeda and Islamic State (ISIS) was the Council on American Islamic Relations, or CAIR, a group with deep ties to the Democratic Party.

Brooklyn’s Jihadi Lawyer and Her CAIR/Soros-Linked Benefactor

The recent arrest of a Brooklyn lawyer, and the background of her “best friend” who bailed her out, illuminates one of the most puzzling aspects of the contemporary scene: the Leftist/Islamic alliance. Over the years I’ve been asked numerous times about this alliance, which many people don’t understand due to the fact that the Left…

Terror-Tied CAIR Exploits George Floyd’s Death

CAIR is joining in the exploitation of George Floyd’s death to bash police. Although we still do not know all the details of this story, it is unlikely that authorities will find anything to excuse the death of Floyd while in police custody. But, what is perfectly clear is that CAIR has nothing to do…

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