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[ March 29, 2020 ]

President Trump RIPS CNN Smearer: “CNN is fake news”

[ March 29, 2020 ]

President Trump is extending coronavirus shut down until April 30th

[ March 29, 2020 ]

WATCH LIVE: President Trump and White House Coronavirus Task Force hold briefing 5:45 PM Eastern

[ March 29, 2020 ]

Queen Of Delay Pelosi Tells CNN, President Trump ‘Fiddles…While People Are Dying’

[ March 29, 2020 ]

French Expert: Second Study Shows Hydroxychloroquine Helps Fight Coronavirus

[ March 29, 2020 ]

Ex-CIA Analyst Exposes CNN’s Anti-Trump ‘Fact Check’ as Literal Fake News

[ March 29, 2020 ]

DISGUSTING: NBC’s Chuck Todd to Joe Biden: ‘Do You Think There Is Blood on the...

[ March 29, 2020 ]

Egypt: Survey shows that women approve of female genital mutilation more than men do

[ March 29, 2020 ]

FLA Gov. DeSantis: Shipments of drug hydroxychloroquine to help COVID-19 on way to Florida

[ March 29, 2020 ]

Trump eyes massive expulsion of Chinese spies

Muslim Chops Off his Wife’s Nose, Hair, Burnt Her Body with a Hot Iron

Under Islam, wife-beating is sanctioned. This woman tried to escape her husband’s devout brutality. No matter how many times she left this savage, she was brought back. She stopped going back to her parent’s house because they would send her back. Side note: look at headline of Muhammad Sadaqat’s article, “Unkindest cut of all.” How…

Mufti: How to Beat Your Wife According to Islam

After watching this video, make sure you view Gloria Steinem’s appearance on Bill Maher’s show last week where she defends Muhammad and Islam. Here are some hadiths of Muhammad on wife-beating from Sunan Abu Dawud: • Muhammad: ‘When one of you inflicts a beating, he should avoid beating the face.’ • Muhammad: “A man will…

UK: Mohammad Hasan beats wife senseless after a ‘too salty’ dinner

“Mrs Aklima Akter want drop the matter against my husband” Of course, because Islam empowers women. More of the joys of Muslim immigration. Mohammad Hasan: From welfare rorts to beating his wife after a ‘too salty’ dinner XCLUSIVE Janet Fife-Yeomans and Laura Banks The Daily Telegraph HE is a serial welfare rorter who forged medical…

California Muslim husband ordered to trial in wife Shaima Alawadi’s death

You remember this case. "Islamophobes" were blamed for the murder of this Muslima in California. The family (that murdered her) lied and blamed "anti-Muslim hate." Shaima Alawadi was not the victim of an "Islamophobic hate crime."  It was obvious from the very first that the oh-so-willing media was lapping up a suspect story. The daughter's…

Sharia Law in Lebanon: Muslim who honor-beat his wife to death released

Honor violence, honor murder is not just an Islamic tradition, it's Islamic law. A manual of Islamic law certified as a reliable guide to Sunni orthodoxy by Al-Azhar University, the most respected authority in Sunni Islam, says that "retaliation is obligatory against anyone who kills a human being purely intentionally and without right." However, "not…

Is Obama’s brother a wife beater?: President’s sibling is accused of attacking two of his TWELVE wives and seducing a schoolgirl

Under Islam, wife beating is condoned and encouraged. Maybe he's just religious. Obama say, "respect it!" Is Obama's brother a wife beater? President's sibling is accused of attacking two of his TWELVE wives and seducing a schoolgirl. Now he's using his White House links to launch his Daily Mail President Obama's half-brother accused of being…

Unhinged Media’s mythical “hate crime” is an Honor Killing: Westernized Muslim Wife, Shaima Alawadi honor murdered by her husband, brutally beaten to death

Here's the lede paragraph at the Huff Po and mirrored by myriad enemedia outlets (here): 32-year-old woman from Iraq who was found severely beaten next to a threatening note saying "go back to your country" died on Saturday. Hanif Mohebi, the director of the San Diego chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said he…

Egyptian beats pregnant wife to death for not voting for Muslim Brotherhood

Obama say, "respect it!" An Egyptian plumber has been accused of beating his pregnant wife to death because she did not vote for Muslim Brotherhood presidential candidate Mohammed Mursi. (File photo) Egyptian beats pregnant wife to death for not voting for Mursi Al Arabiya An Egyptian plumber in Alexandria beat his pregnant wife to death…

Sharia (Islamic) Law in New Jersey Court: Muslim husband rapes, beats, sexually abuses wife, judge sees no sexual assault because Islam forbids wives to refuse sex

Here. Now. Sharia law in New Jersey. When Obama went to Al Azhar University to speak to the ummah (worldwide Muslim community) last June and made the outrageous statement that "the struggle for women’s equality continues in many aspects of American life," little did we know what a warning it was. How prescient. It's here,…

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