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[ March 29, 2020 ]

President Trump RIPS CNN Smearer: “CNN is fake news”

[ March 29, 2020 ]

President Trump is extending coronavirus shut down until April 30th

[ March 29, 2020 ]

WATCH LIVE: President Trump and White House Coronavirus Task Force hold briefing 5:45 PM Eastern

[ March 29, 2020 ]

Queen Of Delay Pelosi Tells CNN, President Trump ‘Fiddles…While People Are Dying’

[ March 29, 2020 ]

French Expert: Second Study Shows Hydroxychloroquine Helps Fight Coronavirus

[ March 29, 2020 ]

Ex-CIA Analyst Exposes CNN’s Anti-Trump ‘Fact Check’ as Literal Fake News

[ March 29, 2020 ]

DISGUSTING: NBC’s Chuck Todd to Joe Biden: ‘Do You Think There Is Blood on the...

[ March 29, 2020 ]

Egypt: Survey shows that women approve of female genital mutilation more than men do

[ March 29, 2020 ]

FLA Gov. DeSantis: Shipments of drug hydroxychloroquine to help COVID-19 on way to Florida

[ March 29, 2020 ]

Trump eyes massive expulsion of Chinese spies

California Muslim husband ordered to trial in wife Shaima Alawadi’s death

You remember this case. "Islamophobes" were blamed for the murder of this Muslima in California. The family (that murdered her) lied and blamed "anti-Muslim hate." Shaima Alawadi was not the victim of an "Islamophobic hate crime."  It was obvious from the very first that the oh-so-willing media was lapping up a suspect story. The daughter's…

Unhinged Media’s mythical “hate crime” is an Honor Killing: Westernized Muslim Wife, Shaima Alawadi honor murdered by her husband, brutally beaten to death

Here's the lede paragraph at the Huff Po and mirrored by myriad enemedia outlets (here): 32-year-old woman from Iraq who was found severely beaten next to a threatening note saying "go back to your country" died on Saturday. Hanif Mohebi, the director of the San Diego chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said he…

Sharia (Islamic) Law in New Jersey Court: Muslim husband rapes, beats, sexually abuses wife, judge sees no sexual assault because Islam forbids wives to refuse sex

Here. Now. Sharia law in New Jersey. When Obama went to Al Azhar University to speak to the ummah (worldwide Muslim community) last June and made the outrageous statement that "the struggle for women’s equality continues in many aspects of American life," little did we know what a warning it was. How prescient. It's here,…

IRAN: DAY 12 BLOODIEST OF THE REVOLUTION – How could Obama do nothing? “Blood everywhere” “militia with axe chopping ppl like meat” “militia beating one woman with baton on ground – she had no defense nothing – sure that she is dead”

Day 13 updates here 11:17 pm: Jane spoke to my friend with family in Iran – she can't call her family on their cells – everything has been shut down. 10:52 pm There has surely been a terrible blackout, as the most reliable Iranians on twitter, whom I have been following for days, have gone…

Jewish US Soldier Brutally Beaten By Anti-Semite Soldiers

Terrible story. It came from the top down. The Sargent should be  be court martialed. NCOs should have been immediately punished, removed rebuked. The The culture at Fort Benning is rotten –   culture of Jew hatred. How can we help this set upon Jew? He has been returned to the very unit that beat the…

Pamela Geller, American Thinker: Responding to Zuhdi
“Where Are All the Jassers?”

Where Are All the Jassers? Pamela Geller,  American Thinker In an extraordinarily lengthy article in the American Thinker yesterday, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser responded to the reservations I expressed about Congressman Peter King’s upcoming hearings on the radicalization of Muslims in the U.S., and in particular, about King’s capitulation to pressure from Muslim Brotherhood-linked groups. Methinks…


Here's part II of journalist Alyssa Lappen over at Right Side News — it's lengthy; what follows is a small excerpt. If you missed part one, go here. The Evils of Islamic Political Ideology, Suppression of Women Part Two: How Muslim Theory Suppresses Women By Alyssa A. Lappen U.S. women received universal suffrage in 1920…

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