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[ October 20, 2019 ]

The Link Between The Ten Commandments And Anti-Semitism

[ October 20, 2019 ]

UK: Muslim gets “community order” for “appalling damage” of church, non-Muslim got prison for bacon...

[ October 20, 2019 ]

ICE Deports Convicted Jihadi Who Tried To Bomb New York City

[ October 20, 2019 ]

Hate crimes against Jews in England and Wales doubled in past year

[ October 19, 2019 ]

Muslim Serial Hate Hoaxer Strikes AGAIN: “He never taught here” Says Ice Rinks of Muslim...

[ October 19, 2019 ]

Soldier who was wounded in search for the traitor Abdullah Bowe Bergdahl in Afghanistan dies...

[ October 19, 2019 ]

“Islam Is RIGHT About Women”

[ October 19, 2019 ]

Climate Marxists reveal the relentless indoctrination of student protestors in NYC

[ October 19, 2019 ]

Dem. Pres. Candidates Sanders, Klobuchar, Castro, Bennet and Buttigieg plan to attend anti-semitic J Street...

[ October 18, 2019 ]

CNN Supervisor Says ‘Hopefully’ Trump Dies Soon


Muslim Brotherhood Congressman Hakim “Keith Ellison” Muhammad (D) in Islamic Misogyny Attack on American Women, Namely Michele Bachmann

Jihad in America Only an Islamic supremacist would dare talk this way about Michele Bachmann. The dehumanization and sub-class status of women under Muslim rule is pure savagery. Hakim will have to enlighten us on how  honor killings, clitorectomies, forced marriage, rape, child trafficking, ethnic cleansing lifts up women and mankind. That will be be…


UK: Muslim Gang Charged in Child “Prostitution Ring” Charges

This is part of a pattern and is epidemic in the UK. Muslim men are enslaving and trafficking in non-Muslim underage girls. Islam's war on women. It's about the control of women, the trafficking of women, the subjugation of women. Women are the booty. Their diminishment and dehumanization is the critical strategy of this grotesque…


Calls for Concubine Govt Agency: “Female political activist” calls for legalizing sex slavery to protect men from “adultery or corruption”

I have long said that this war is about women. It's about the control of women, the trafficking of women, the subjugation of women. Women are the booty. And Islam's war on women becomes more brazen, more in-your-face. The diminishment and dehumanization is the critical strategy of this grotesque ideology that demands/commands global domination. The…


Police Launch Child Beatings investigation at Three Glasgow Mosques

Many more child beatings are being exposed at leading mosques in the UK and Scotland. Under investigation are Glasgow Central Mosque, Scotland’s biggest place of worship of any faith, the Masjid Noor in Pollokshields, and the Zia ul-Quran nearby. In the UK, the very same madrassas and Islamic schools where children are systematically beaten and…


UK: Top Cop Blasts ‘Culture of Silence’ that Sanctions Muslim Sex Gangs’ Sexploitation of Young Infidel Girls

I do not believe that the police and social services have sold their culture and their women (literally) into slavery because they fear charges of racism (Islam is not a race but an ideology). I believe they are adhering to the sharia (Islamic law), so they stand by cowardly and helpless while their country mutates…


Italy: More on Islamic Honor Killing of Mom (Beaten with Brick) and Attempted Honor Killing of Brutally Beaten Daughter by her Father and Brother

  Begum Shahnaz (left) was killed by her husband Ahmad Khan Butt because she defended her daughter Nosheen (right) who refused an arranged marriage. Photo: EPA I posted this article yesterday in Italian — here are the horrific details: A Pakistani woman has died in Italy after her husband beat her with a brick for…


American Academy of Pediatrics Withdraws Approval of Clitorectomy

Back on May 7, I reported the shocking news that the Academy of Pediatrics would sanction clitorectomies and begin to practice this barbaric mutilation in a multicultural, dhimmi  effort — a “nick,” as it were. In a stunning capitulation to the islamization of America, the medical profession seemed to have lost its moral compass and…

Pamela Geller, Big Government: Sanctioning Barbarity: American Academy of Pediatrics and the New York Times

More on the cultural jihad in my piece today at Big Government. Read it all. Sanctioning Barbarity: American Academy of Pediatrics and the New York Times by Pamela Geller In what can only be construed as a complete loss of any semblance of goodness and morality in the name of multicultural poison, the most advanced…

Islamic Justice: Husband cuts off wife’s nose in Turkish village – Then She Gets Beaten by Police

Oh yes, sharia is measurably better than freedom and democracy. Just ask the liberals. Of course, there is a silver lining if Islam prevails — seeing all those degenerate liberals living under sharia law. Yup, that is poetic social justice.  Husband cuts off wife’s nose in Turkish village – Then She Gets Beaten by Police…

Ascension of Evil: Obama’s Fist F**king “Safe School Czar” Kevin Jennings

Back in early June, I ran a post on a Kevin Jennings, who had been named Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar.” Kevin Jennings is a vicious choice. Jennings is a a supporter of NAMBLA. His official title is: Assistant Deputy Secretary of the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools at the U.S. Department of Education….

Frontpage Interview, Pamela Geller: “An Underground Railroad for a Muslim Girl”

Check out my Front Page interview. Excerpt: FP: The liberal and feminist Left is once again shamelessly silent, not coming to the defense of Fathima Bary. Give us some of your thoughts on this silence. Geller: I am profoundly anti-feminist because it is a phony movement. It is rooted in Marxism-Leninism, and does not genuinely…

President Karzai’s Wife Zinat: Invisible and Subjugated Amid Islamic Misogyny in Afghanistan – Child marriage, Sold for Sex, Brutal beatings

"My husband doesn't like it. I cannot go out without this permission," says President Karzai's wife. An Afghan bill permitting a husband to starve his wife if she refuses to have sex has become law. A wife must also get her husband's permission to work. Fathers and grandfathers have also been awarded exclusive custody of…

Islamic Apologists, Media Hacks and Clueless Cops Come to the Aid of Islamic Misogyny: Rifqa Bary’s Life in Jeopardy

Remember, Islam is the only religion with a propaganda wing, and it works 24/7/365. The taqiyya (lies to advance Islam) is full on, and Rifqa's life hangs in the balance. The fact is that this teenage girl converted to Christianity more than four years ago. Get it? This is not some ruse. The family's performance…

Clueless Cops Doubt Rifqa Bary’s Story: Aiding an Honor Killing

UPDATE: Atlas reader Anthony wrote: “Pamela, I have been in Law enforcement for the past 20 years and am currently training the police here in Iraq. I worked homicide in the US and am now training with Iraqi Investigators here in Baghdad. TRUST ME, I know, first hand how much danger this young lady is…

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