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[ September 16, 2019 ]

Pamela Geller, American Thinker: Interview with 20-Year U.S. Naval Instructor, “In all that time, from...

[ September 16, 2019 ]

Women’s March Taps CAIR Terror Spox and Vile Antisemite Zahra Billoo in Wake of Antisemitism...

[ September 16, 2019 ]

France Now Tied with Germany For Number of New Asylum Applications

[ September 16, 2019 ]

Israeli professors endorse Arab parties that support boycott the Jews (BDS) movement

[ September 16, 2019 ]

UK: Migrant Subjects 11-year-old to ‘Horrifying’ Rape

[ September 16, 2019 ]

Jihad-Rep. Ilhan Omar hopes Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu LOSES election

[ September 16, 2019 ]

Iran’s attack on Saudi oil production shows Bolton was right

[ September 16, 2019 ]

‘Startlingly dangerous moment’: IRAN SEIZES ANOTHER OIL TANKER in Strait of Hormuz

[ September 16, 2019 ]

Muslim who says he grew up in UK says ISIS will “establish the sharia over...

[ September 16, 2019 ]

Kavanaugh ‘must be impeached,’ top Dems say, as new uncorroborated allegation surfaces

Muslim Plotters in UK School Takeover Tied to Terror

Shocka. Trojan Horse ‘links to terror’ Andrew Gilligan, Telegraph, June 8, 2014 Radical school’s parents leader has been to Syria to support rebels and helps extreme groups Oldknow Academy in the Small Heath district of Birmingham Photo: Peter Summers/ Newsteam A key spokesman for one of the Birmingham “Trojan Horse” schools, who is defending it against…

Sharia Vacation: “Leggings are not pants,” “Moderate” Qatar warns tourists

More proof that the “moderates” are very much in sync with the “extremists.” Or, as Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan said to President Obama, there is no moderate Islam, there is no extreme Islam, Islam is Islam. The perverse and brutal ideology of the sharia should have been scorned, rebuked and wiped out in every freedom-loving…


UK: Yet Another Muslim Rape Gang Convicted of Sexually Abusing Schoolgirl

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of non-Muslim tween and teen girls have been brutally victimized by an ever-increasing number of savage Muslim gangs in the UK. After scores of convictions, the Muslim community attempted to address the problem with anti-grooming sermons held across the country, but many mosques refused to cooperate. “These men were enjoying the sex…

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Up to 200,000 girls in the U.S. are at risk of female genital mutilation

“According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at least 150,000 to 200,000 girls in the U.S. are at risk of being forced to undergo cutting.” Female genital mutilation (FGM) or clitoridectomy is an Islamic tradition, rampant in the Muslim world. Muhammad is said to have justified it: “A woman used to perform circumcision in Medina. The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said to her: Do not cut severely as that is better for a woman and more desirable for a husband.” (Sunan Abu Dawud 41.5251). There is also justification for the practice in Islamic law.

Australia: Muslim Wife-Killer Beats Murder Rap by Claiming She Provoked Him

“Mariam Yousif, who converted to Islam to marry her husband at 16, was stabbed 14 times in a ‘brutal and frenzied’ attack inside her Wiley Park unit in 2012. Her 54-year-old husband, Yassir Hassan, was found guilty of manslaughter instead of murder because he told the court he was provoked by his wife during an argument when she ‘questioned his manhood.'” Ms Yousif’s mother Hanan Zaki “said provocation was a ‘ridiculous’ defence for her daughter’s killer.” And it is. But it’s not the first time a Muslim wife-killer has resorted to this ridiculous defense.

Islamic Cleric Suggests Babies Wear Burqas to Prevent Rape

A Saudi cleric has proposed this solution to molestation of young girls: they should be required to wear burqas. Mind you, here is no attempt or criticism of a man being sexually attracted to a baby or young girl. And that is because Muhammad, the “prefect model,” married his favorite wife, Aisha, when she was of the tender age of six.

Sheik Abdulla Daoud suggested that covering the babies in burqas would keep them from being raped.

UK Police Receive 500 More Muslim Sex Grooming Allegations ‘Within The Last Six Months’

New allegations in the now-notorious epidemic of gangs of Muslim men grooming infidel girls as young as 11 for sex, and trafficking them across the UK. Detectives in London are investigating allegations of up to 50 “very serious” child grooming sex cases, shock new figures reveal today. A specialist unit set up to investigate allegations of grooming and child abuse has received a total of 500 allegations within the last six months.

Father in court charged with organizing infant daughter’s genital mutilation (FGM)

Female genital mutilation (FGM) or clitoridectomy is an Islamic tradition, rampant in the Muslim world. Over 96% of the women in Egypt have been clitoridectomized. Back in 2008, devout members of the Egyptian parliament made female genital mutilation (circumcision) legal again in Egypt.

We see an increase in the misogynistic horror in Western countries with Muslim immigration. Imams state emphatically that it is an Islamic right. And a Texas Imam, Main Al-Qudah, has issued a call to action to support clitoridectomies.

UK mom raped in front of son and told: ‘I’m Muslim and you must obey me’

The speaks to, yet again, the supremacism and misogyny inherent in Islam. Women are property, Western women, “immodest women” are “uncovered meat.” A Muslim man in the UK pinned his girlfriend down and raped her in front of their baby son, and told her she must obey him because he was a Muslim, a court was told.
This young woman was foolish for carrying on with such a brute but his behavior is typical of Islamic culture.


More than 1,500 Muslim victims of female genital mutilation in shock statistics compiled by ONE hospital

Where are the Muslim groups calling for the banning of clitoridectomies under Islam? Where are CAIR, ICNA, ISNA, MSA, MAS? Their silence is approval of the practice. Where are the Muslim protests against this savage, misogynistic form of torture? It is epidemic in Muslim communities. And yet despite the high number of cases and the…


UK: Muslim Savage Sexually Assaults and “Brands” Two 14-Year-Olds

Another righteous example following Muhammad, "the perfect example." And the lowlife judge gave him 6 years. "These men were enjoying the sex slaves allowed by the Qur'an (men may enjoy 'what your right hands own,' 4:3) and Islamic law from among unbelieving women" (source: Robert Spencer). Sex beast carved his name into girls’ arms Oldham-Chronicle…


BBC airs shocking truth: Muslim Men Grooming, Raping, and Pimping Young Sikh Girls

I am shocked that the BBC finally identified the hundreds of rapists and child sex trafficers of non-Muslim girls as Muslim. Heads will roll at the BBC. BBC Inside Out: Muslim Men Grooming, Raping, and Pimping Young Sikh Girls (thanks to Answering Muslims) When Islamic rape-gangs target young white girls in the UK, the Muslim…


Muslim Beats His Sister-in-Law to Death for Trying to Stop Him From Beating His Wife to Death

So many women to honor-beat to death, so little time. Muslim Man Beats His Sister-in-Law to Death for Trying to Stop Him From Beating His Wife to Death via Sharia Unveiled (thanks to Armaros) A-Division police have registered a case against Abid Hussain on the complaint of his brother.  FILE PHOTO. By, Kashif Zafar / The Express…

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