Saturday Morning Open Thread

EXCLUSIVE TO FREE REPUBLIC: MUST SEE PHOTOS-War for End.Freedom- Baquba, Remagen, Op.Swarmer, Hibhib, Victory base NASA, DOD, Company, varous TV, Yahoo, AP, Reuters, AFP, the usual suspects, and many brave photographers |3-17-06| See all of these amazing shots here and here hat tip Still Cinn UPDATE: Can you believe this email I received? Why? Atlas,I…

fellow gunners, military buffs, veterans and interested guys, A letter from a Soldier

Hey Pelosi and friends! Why don’t you make yourself useful and address this soldier’s concerns? Something productive, that should be a new experience for you. Hey baby, it’s never too late even for you. This was received from a friend whose son who just returned from Iraq. Hat tip: Jake Hello to all my fellow…

US Goes into Syria, Iran’s whore Proxy

US forces have entered Syria. Not a surprise considering Syria, as a proxy for Iran, has been undermining our efforts in Iraq since the onset of the liberation of Iraq and decisive action was long overdue. Many of our boys have died because of the foreign fighters and border skirmishes Syria has been engaging in….

Turning Point: President Bush’s address to the U.S. Naval Academy

President Bush addressed the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis and outlined his vision for achieving success in the Iraqi war. The speech will without question be referred to in upcoming days and will mark a turning point in his presidency. Every quote is a pull quote so I am insisting Click below to read READ…

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