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[ July 20, 2019 ]

Jihad-Rep Ilhan Omar Refuses to Answer Hometown Paper Questions On Marriage to Brother, Editor Says

[ July 20, 2019 ]

Ohio Muslim gets 30 months in prison for BRUTALLY attacking man he thought was Jewish

[ July 20, 2019 ]

Axis of Antisemitism: Self-Loathing Jew Bernie Sanders Uses Presidential Campaign To Fundraise For Jew-Hater Ilhan...

[ July 20, 2019 ]

Harebrained Geraldo Rivera Attacks American Hero Pete Hegseth’s for Defense of Trump Tweets: ‘What the...

[ July 20, 2019 ]

The Squad: A New Culture In Town

[ July 20, 2019 ]

Republicans introduce resolution to designate violent far-left Antifa ‘domestic terrorist organization’

[ July 20, 2019 ]

EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE Rise & Resist “No Raids. Close The Camps. Abolish ICE” NYC

[ July 19, 2019 ]

I say a little prayer on an open thread

[ July 19, 2019 ]


[ July 19, 2019 ]



Obama Sides with Islamic Iran on their 1983 Bombing that Killed 241 US Marines

Once again, Obama sides with our mortal enemies, a cornerstone of his foreign policy meticulously detailed in my book, The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration's War on America. This is consistent with the same anti-America, anti-freedom, pro-jihad platform we have suffered the last three years. Marines carry Lance Cpl. Paul Kotoucout of the rubble following…


Norway apologizes to Jews

Oslo 2009 When I saw the headline, "refusing to drive Jews to synogogue. In a 2006 report on Jew hatred in contemporary Norwegian caricatures published by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, Erez Uriely noted among other things that Norway banned kosher ritual slaughter in 1929 – three years before a similar ban was instituted…


Muslim jailed for holding ex-wife prisoner on the toilet after blasting her western garb and hairstyle as SATAN

Obama say, "Respect it!" Daisy Khan say, "the era of extremism is over!" Jay Leno's wife Mavis say, "The Qur'an is more liberal with women than the Bible." Geller say, "Infidel men for me, thankyouverymuch!"  Muslim jailed for holding ex-wife prisoner on the toilet after blasting her western knickers as SATAN Daily Mail Khalique Miah…


Women in Islam

The horror of these young girls — terror-stricken victims, who live in homemade concentration camps — is given the imprimatur of the West in its complicit silence. The media goes to extraordinary lengths to whitewash these crimes and disconnect the motive for these murders. The West looks away as more and more girls fall victim…


Exclusive Interview with Jailed Pakistani Christian Asia Bibi

Cnsider that Obama's State Department met with the modern-day universal caliphate, the OIC, in Washington last week to discuss ways to limit free speech and enforce these same blasphemy laws under the sharia that call for the death of Asia Bibi. We have an American administration on record at the UN calling for restrictions on…


Fund the Fight!

Ever wonder where your dollars go when you donate to Atlas? It funds the work. Look at what we accomplished this year. DONATE NOW. Your funds are desperately needed. Our record of accomplishments is unmatched. 2012 is a crucial year. Help us fight the war. As we approach the end of the year, Atlas readers…


Pamela Geller, American Thinker: Hamas High School in Florida?

Breaking news in my column at The American Thinker: Hamas High School in Florida? Pamela Geller Why is a representative of a terror-linked organization, a defender of jihad terror groups and an apologist for Islamic supremacism welcome to speak in public schools? Back on December 4, I published at my website the disturbing news…


Public School Football: NY Athletes Suspended for “Tebowing” in school while Michigan Football Players Lauded for Pre-Game Muslim Prayers

What's wrong with this picture? Riverhead High School administrators in Garden City, New York suspended 17-year-old twins Connor and Tyler Carroll this week after the two athletes “kneeled-down” in tribute to NFL sensation Tim Tebow. Suspended. But we are forced to watch and celebrate a public school football team engaging in Muslim prayer and scheduling…


Fifth Circuit: Holy Land Foundation convictions upheld on appeal: CAIR, ISNA, MAS, MSA et al Must be Prosecuted by DoJ

The Holy Land Foundation trial was the largest terrorist (Hamas) funding trial in our nation's history. Muslim Brotherhood proxies like CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, MAS, MSA and three hundred other Islamic supremacist orgs were named un-indicted co-conspirators. Ghassan Elashi, founder of CAIR's Texas chapter, in 2009 received a 65-year prison sentence for funneling over $12 million…


“Moderate” Morocco Goes Islamic: Election Win for Sharia Party

As the leader of the free world abdicates, the forces of oppression, subjugation and dehumanization arise. Stands to reason, doesn't it? Evil loves a vacuum. Check out al-Reuters' headline, "Moderate Islamists." It would be funny if it weren't so fatal. There is not moderate Islam. The Prime Minister of Turkey schooled President Obama in this….


YouTube enforces Sharia blasphemy law, bans Congressional candidate’s anti-sharia ad, Muslim Brotherhood Congressman Ellison applauds

(Video h/t Zilla) More sharia (Islamic law): this is enforcement of blasphemy laws, do not insult Islam. How much more of our freedom are we going to allow them to seize? Youtube bans Congressional candidates anti-sharia ad Creeping Sharia November 5, 2011 Google’s Youtube is a well-known pro-jihadi outlet. And Muslims are quickly working to make…


Hamas-tied CAIR Lies About Pamela Geller Florida Event

The Hamas front group CAIR continues its defamation and libel and smearing of a passionate voice for Israel and proud Jew in its relentless anti-Jewish campaign in America. Now they have issued a press release claiming that Florida Senator Marco Rubio and Governor Rick Scott pulled out of a Tea Party event because I am…

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