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[ August 18, 2019 ]

Jew-Hater Rashida Tlaib Calls for HBO Boycott Because Bill Maher Won’t Support the Boycott of...

[ August 18, 2019 ]

WATCH: Raucous Q & A with Pamela Geller New York Young Republicans Club

[ August 18, 2019 ]

Feminist icon Steinem says she won’t visit Israel while ‘bully’ Netanyahu is PM

[ August 18, 2019 ]

SHARIA UK: Exam Student Failed for Appearing to Criticize Brutal Halal Slaughter

[ August 18, 2019 ]

Jihad Jew-haters Tlaib, Omar share image by artist once celebrated in Iran’s Holocaust cartoon contest

[ August 18, 2019 ]

‘Godfather’ Star: Shame on Cuomo’s Fredo Meltdown … Made a Fool of Himself

[ August 18, 2019 ]

Rashida Tlaib’s Grandmother: ‘I Hope God Will Destroy Trump’ After Tlaib Refuses to Go See...

[ August 18, 2019 ]

“Palestinian” Authority Bans LGBTQ Activities in Judea and Samaria

[ August 18, 2019 ]

Dijon, France: two women beaten because of their cleavage. Guess by who

[ August 18, 2019 ]

Tlaib attends event with Boycott-the-Jews (BDS) group after refusing Israel visit

Hamas-CAIR’s Nihad Awad: calling the Islamic State “the Islamic State” tarnishes the image of Islam

Jihad supporter and Hamas-CAIR founder Nihad Awad is waging a vicious jihad against the truth as the Islamic State conquers whole swaths of Middle east. Drowning in the blood of the American journalists, Nigerian schoolgirls, Jewish schoolboys, Coptic Christians, Buddhists in Thailand, Christians in Syria and Yezidis in Iraq, Hamas spokesman Nihad Awad says we…


Islamic vs. Islamism: An Artificial Distinction

Essentially, what does it mean to say that someone or something is “Islamist” as opposed to “Islamic”? Nothing, really, except that the person speaking doesn’t want to offend Islam by speaking unwelcome truths about the political nature of the religion. Islam and Islamists Jihad Watch The term “Islamist” is in common use to refer to…


Virginia Military Institute Infiltrated by Islamic Supremacists: Conference to Whitewash Islamic War Crimes, Pogroms, Dhimmitude, Oppression, Mass Slaughter

Virginia Military Institute – East Meets West Conference Subversives and supremacists have infiltrated the senior level of our most critical government and social institutions. The very idea that the Virginia Military Institute would be holding an Islamic historically fallacious ad propaganda conference on Cordoba, Islam's conquest over the West, is deeply disturbing. These are future…


ISLAMIC LIES ALERT: FBI Just Released 2009 Hate Crime Stats…again completely debunking myth of anti-Islamic backlash in the U.S.

FBI: Hate crimes against Muslims rare – Atlas Shrugs Aug 28, 2010 … Muslim Brotherhood front, Hamas funder CAIR tries to club non-Muslims over the head with this non-existent "backlash" and "hate crimes" … Hate Crime – Atlas Shrugs Oct 17, 2010 … Atlas readers know I am fiercely against the idea of "hate crime."…


FBI: Hate crimes against Muslims rare

Muslim Brotherhood front, Hamas funder CAIR tries to club non-Muslims over the head with this non-existent "backlash" and "hate crimes against Muslims" propaganda. Time and again, we find the rare incidences of mosques that were spray painted or Muslims targeted are done by Muslims (ie here and here). There is no there there. The Muslim…

Reverting to Islam: NY Imam Informant Turned on USA and Tipped off Muslim Bomber, Zazi the Nazi, of FBI Surveillance

The Muslims who are "working with" law enforcement present a special problem. It is in their doctrine that good Muslims, pious Muslims, lie, deceive to advance Islam, institute sharia, take over non-Muslim lands. The New York imam working with law enforcement on the biggest bust in the US since 911 illustrates just how difficult the…

Pamela Geller, Newsmax: Rifqa Bary, Dad Claims Brainwashing As Muslim Girl Fears He’ll Kill Her UPDATE: RIFQA BARY ACTION ALERT!

UPDATE! RIFQA BARY ACTION ALERT! Call the Governor and ask him to make sure that the Department of Children & Families (DCF) keeps custody of Rifqa Bary. People can also call George Sheldon, Secretary of DCF. Contact information: Contact Governor Charlie Crist today: Phone Calls to (850) 488-7146 Fax letters to (850) 487-0801 or Email…

Clueless Cops Doubt Rifqa Bary’s Story: Aiding an Honor Killing

UPDATE: Atlas reader Anthony wrote: “Pamela, I have been in Law enforcement for the past 20 years and am currently training the police here in Iraq. I worked homicide in the US and am now training with Iraqi Investigators here in Baghdad. TRUST ME, I know, first hand how much danger this young lady is…

Alliance of Civilizations’ Subterfuge Campaign Marches OnOver Us

"The spread of hatred is the main cause of wars and terrorism", OIC'S ALLIANCE OF CIVILIZATIONS MAKES ITS MOVE IN TURKEY: Obama Advances Islamic New World Order. Read that post and scroll this link. Get educated. The Orwellian use of inter-faith and cross-pollination flies in the face of history and fact. What Islamic society gave…

Even the Taliban say Obama’s call on moderates “illogical”

Can you imagine? This insufferable megalomaniac is transparent to all. He is surrendering but wants to put a happy face on it. Obama was raised a Muslim, he knows there is no "moderate" Islam for the pious. And the Taliban are very pious. The reverbs of this incompetent traitorous fool will be felt in spades….


Please go here and look at the victims now Aqsa Parvez  and then scroll Honor Killings: Islam Misogyny. The latest case of Islamic intimidation and abject supremacy is against a terrific Canadian magazine, Toronto Life, that did a piece on the brutal honor killing of the tortured, tormented young girl, Aqsa Parvez. The objective –…

Medical Madmen

Medical madmen Face facts: Radical docs like al-Zawahiri are fixtures in many terrorist organizations As we continue to learn the terrifying details of the foiled U.K. bombing plots – and the six doctors allegedly involved in them – some suggest that the notion of Muslim physician-terrorists is a total anomaly, a perversion of not only…

Taqiya in America

This is how the NY Post ran the devastating details of the "perfect doctor, perfect husband, perfect muslim." The photo above is Asha’s wife, Marwa and baby, who was caught and arrested with the jihad neurosurgeon. The double truck news story abuts a taqila column from CAIR propagandist and board chairwoman for the Ohion chapter…

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