‘Syria’s jihad death toll now exceeds 140,000’

140,000 dead, and the world obsesses over …. Israel. Muslims march into Cyprus and take over the northern half of the country, and the world obsesses over ….. Israel. Millions of refugees were displaced by the partition of India, and the world obsesses over fictional Palestinian refugees. Devout Muslim groups are waging bloody jihad in Nigeria, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Lebanon, Egypt, China, the Philippines, Syria, Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, the Central African Republic, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, and the world is obsessed with Soda Stream.

Pamela Geller, Jerusalem Post: “The Syria mess is Obama’s doing”

Syria is the new rallying point for the worldwide jihad. There has not been a secular fighting force in Syria for close to a year. Instead, it has become the destination for jihadists across the world to engage in holy war. This war is not about nationality, borders, geography. Jihadists in Syria include British, American, French, German, and Norwegian Muslims.


Pamela Geller, WND Column: ‘Catastrophic’ John McCain

Check out my Wednesday commentary at WND: DEFENDING THE WEST 'Catastrophic' John McCain: GOP's worst nightmare Exclusive: Pamela Geller excoriates senators for enabling Obama's support of al-Qaida Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said Monday, according to Bloomberg News, that “the U.S. must follow up with more assistance to Assad’s opponents to shift the balance of power…



Secretary of State Kerry went before the American people to make the case for a senseless, goal-less military action in Syria. The President is sending America into yet another unauthorized war and he couldn't make the case himself. He sent a suit in to tell the American people. Obama couldn't get behind his own war…


Devout Muslims from Bosnia and Herzegovina call youth to join them as they wage “jihad in Allah’s path”

Apparently Clinton's war on the Christians in Bosnia did nothing to soften the jihad against ……. everyone who isn't devoutly Muslim. And now for our daily mantra; the war transcends borders, nations, race, etc. It is global and it is jihad. And as the West continues to pretend that it not Islamic, Muslim supremacists gain…

NUKE NEXUS: North Korea and Syria

Why the NORK/IRAN/SYRIA cabal is so very dangerous in very simple terms from the Wall Street Journal oped pages here. A nuclear-armed North Korea is dangerous enough. A North Korea that shares its nuclear technology with other bad actors is worse — especially if the partner-state is known to be cozy with terrorists. The potential…

US Goes into Syria, Iran’s whore Proxy

US forces have entered Syria. Not a surprise considering Syria, as a proxy for Iran, has been undermining our efforts in Iraq since the onset of the liberation of Iraq and decisive action was long overdue. Many of our boys have died because of the foreign fighters and border skirmishes Syria has been engaging in….

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