Watch VIDEO: The Muslims of Switzerland Declare “The Beginning of the islamic Revolution”

A very slick ISIS-like video has recently surfaced in Switzerland, a video which doesn’t bode well for the”poor” “Old Continent”… Although not like Sweden, the Swiss Muslims (~400K) will have a very hard time messing around with patriotic/”xenophobic” Switzerland. (thanks to Ari) For a debut video, announcing a Muslim revolution inside Europe in Switzerland, of…

Jihad in Switzerland: Three Iraqi Muslims arrested, suspected of planning Islamic attack

Three Muslims who support the Islamic State group planning an attack in Europe were arrested in Switzerland. “Three Iraqis arrested in Switzerland, suspected of planning attack,” Reuters,  Oct 31, 2014 Swiss authorities said on Friday they had arrested three Iraqi citizens in March who are suspected of providing support to Islamic State and planning an…


VIDEO Switzerland: Muslims Laugh, Celebrate While Christian Church Burns To The Ground

Imagine if a video emerged of Christians and Jews laughing and celebrating as a mosque burned to the ground. Bam! “Switzerland: Muslims Laugh, Celebrate While Christian Church Burns To The Ground,” 09/25/2014, Midnight Watcher They didn’t start the fire, but they were euphoric at the sight of “Satan’s church” burning in their midst. “Excellent! This…

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