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[ February 19, 2020 ]

WATCH: Awesome moment from the Trump rally in Phoenix

[ February 19, 2020 ]

Muslim child rape/sex trafficking gang Grooming gang jailed for ‘systematic’ sexual abuse of Huddersfield schoolgirls

[ February 19, 2020 ]

Arabic is first language in six of nine preschools in iconic Swedish town

[ February 19, 2020 ]

Latino Support for Trump Is Real And that’s a problem for Democrats

[ February 19, 2020 ]

Crazy Bernie’s Middle East Nightmare: US Must Support Genocidal Terrorist Groups and World’s Largest State...

[ February 19, 2020 ]

Hillary Fingerprints All Over FBI’s Investigation Into Trump’s Russia Ties

[ February 19, 2020 ]

Groups camping outside coliseum more than a day before Trump rally in Phoenix

[ February 19, 2020 ]

A Ballot-Initiative to Move Some Eastern Oregon Counties to Idaho Is Actually Gaining Some Traction

[ February 19, 2020 ]

Democrat-Backed ‘New Way Forward’ Bill Would ‘Gut the Rule of Law’, It’s Insanity

[ February 19, 2020 ]

France Sees Average of 120 Knife Attacks Per Day

French, British Muslims Fighting for the Islamic State Discuss Use Of Yazidi Women As Sex Slaves

Bear in mind, these are British and French Muslims, raised in the West. But Islam trumps all. This is all according to Islamic law (sharia). “Prosperous are the believers who in their prayers are humble and from idle talk turn away and at almsgiving are active and guard their private parts save from their wives…

Time Mag says Boko Haram un-Islamic, ignores Qur’an verses on sex slavery

MEMRI is reporting that even  Pakistani writers have “questioned liberal ‘apologists’ for failing to understand the links between Islamic sharia and incidents such as the abduction of more than 200 teenage girls from a school by Nigerian jihadi group Boko Haram or the Pakistani Taliban’s 2012 attack on liberal youth icon Malala Yousafzai and the…

South Dakota: Muslim “House of Horror” Sex Trafficker Sentenced to Life

“The Sioux Falls man authorities say ran a sex trafficking ‘house of horror’ will now call prison home for the rest of his life. On Monday, Federal Judge Karen Schreier sentenced 45-year-old Mohammed Alaboudi to four life terms behind bars.” Cases like this are epidemic in the UK, and you can expect more and more of them in the US — for example, the conviction in 2012 in Tenneseee of three Muslim men on similar charges.


Muslims Bring Slavery back to America: Saudi Arabian diplomats keep woman as a slave for months

Another case of Muslim slavery in America. Will these Saudi diplomats be given immunity? "Kenyan Woman Claims She Was Kept as Domestic Slave for Months" NBC News Washington, May 25, 2013, (thanks to Armaros) Her immigration attorney continues push for further investigation A 25-year-old Kenyan woman has come forward with allegations that she was kept…


#myjihad in UK: Muslim men in child trafficking sex ring, attacked vulnerable girls as young as 11 for sex, subjecting them to assaults that were “perverted in the extreme”

The dhimmi headlines, still. If I were actually Asian, I'd get insulted, and they are. They are protesting the use of the word. These are Muslim gangs and there are scores of them, raping, trafficking and destroying non-Muslim girls. Enough bowing and scraping before these savages. This is but one of several trials trying hundreds…


Muslim Child Sex Trafficking Ring gang-raped, bought and sold young infidel girls aged 11 to 16 for 8 years, branded ‘M’ for Muhammed on buttocks

That's #myjihad, what's yours? Hundreds of 11- and 12-year-old girls. Stolen. Drugged. Raped. Bought and sold by scores of Muslim men.   This is just the latest in a long line of Muslim sex-slave gangs. "These men were enjoying the sex slaves allowed by the Qur'an (men may enjoy 'what your right hands own,' 4:3)…


Muslim Slave Trade

What a monstrous inhuman freak show. But these exposes would never see the light of day or be made today in the sharia enforcing culture. Muslim Slave Market Footage From The 1960s The Muslim Issue (thanks to Kyle) From Africa to Qatar, this documentary shows footage of a Muslim slave market. In the clip African…


Islamic Slavery: Christian family asks for protection after being freed after 20 years

Under the sharia, slavery is commonly practiced in Muslim countries. More of the horror of Islamic law, routinely covered up by the enemedia and leftist academia. "Forced labour: Christian family asks for protection after being freed after 20 years" The Tribune (thanks to David) KARACHI: After being released from 20-years of bonded labour, Mumtaz says she…


Nepal women under 30 banned from going to work in Middle Eastern Muslim countries due to physical and sexual abuse

"Islamophobia" ban? Under the sharia there is seriously depraved racism and Islamic supremacism that goes on. Thais, Filipinos, even co-religionists, Indonesians, are sub-humans denied basic human rights, all in accordance with Islamic law. "Nepal women banned from Middle East over exploitation" BBC, August 8, 2012 (thanks to David) Nepal has banned women under the age…


Another Mass Muslim child sex trafficking ring, 10 arrested

It speaks to an extraordinarily depraved and brutal culture and ideology that such heinous crimes would be epidemic. Ten Muslim men have been arrested by police on suspicion of committing serious sexual offences following raids across the Bradford district. The arrests were made as part of an ongoing investigation by West Yorkshire Police, which is…


Vicious Muslim rapist/child sex trafficker: “my only crime was to be Muslim”

Ah, the pertpetual myth of Muslim victimhood. But Shabir Ahmed is  the ringleader of the Muslim gang that would rape and enslave young non-Muslim schoolgirl teens and tweens. In court yesterday, Ahmed said "‘My only crime was to be Muslim. He is not altogether wrong. Sex slaves are allowed and sanctioned by the Qur'an (men…


Hundreds of members of the Luton Sikh community protest police failing to investigate Muslim sex attack on a young non-Muslim girl

Law enforcement refuses to investigate and prosecute atacks on non-Muslim girls by Muslim men, as evidenced by the scores of victims of Muslim sex trafficking gangs. In Islam, sex slaves are allowed and sanctioned by the Qur'an (men may enjoy 'what your right hands own,' 4:3) and Islamic law from among unbelieving women. The Sikh…

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