Saturday Night Cinema
The Scarlet Pimpernel

I thought I would go French on the cinema tonight for obvious reasons ……………… The Scarlet Pimpernel Leslie Howard Sir Percy Blakeney, an 18th century English aristocrat who leads a double life. He appears to be merely the effete (you know like a liberal) aristocrat, (you know like a liberal) but in reality is part…

Saturday Night Cinema
It’s a Wonderful Life

Yes, I found this holiday classic because I adore you. A Liberty Films production  Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life. George Bailey, Clarence, Mr Potter …………. the gang’s all here. Starring Jimmy Stewart, Donna Reed, Lionel Barrymore (deliciously eeeevil). Do you remember the first time you saw it? Those were the days my friend. Merry…

Saturday Night Cinema
Secret Agent

Hitchcock’s Secret Agent John Gielgud, Peter Lorrie, Madeleine Carroll, Robert Young (what a line up!) In light of this week’s Hezbo mole revelations and the traitorous actions of our highly partisan career bureaucrats on the NIE report, I thought this flick was appropriate. Need I say more? Nyet.

Saturday Night Cinema
December 7th 1941

"December 7, 1941". "The film begins with the aftermath of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, nicknamed "the Navy’s hundred million  dollar fist." Authentic footage of the invasion is mixed with reenactments to provide a complete portrait of the events of that fateful day. An extended sequence pays tribute to the American soldiers killed in…

Saturday Night Cinema
The 39 Steps

Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps. Robert Donat and Madeleine Carroll are terrific.  The 39 Steps is the first in a line of Hitchcock films based upon the idea of an innocent man on the run, including Saboteur (1942) and North by Northwest (1959). Can you find Hitch’s cameo? :)

Saturday Night Cinema
You don’t know Hitler

James K Lambert produced this documentary about Hitler that helps apply the lessons of history to the present. hat tip btwa Click below for parts 2-6 Nazi Germany has been a subject of particular interest for me ever since I was a little kid and learned that my father is a World War II Veteran. …

Saturday Night Cinema
The Battle of Midway

  The Battle of Midway was a naval battle in the Pacific Theater of World War II. It took place from June 4, 1942 to June 7, 1942, approximately one month after the Battle of the Coral Sea, about five months after the Japanese capture of Wake Island, and six months after the Empire of…

Saturday Night Cinema
My Man Godfrey

On the lighter side, tonight’s feature in the Atlas sphere: My Man Godfrey 1936 . LOMBARD! POWELL!Delightful, classic screwball comedies. Check out the social commentary on life during the 30s. The film, filled with marvelous character actors (Alice Brady, Eugene Pallette, Gail Patrick, and Mischa Auer), resonated with Depression era audiences for its statements on…

Saturday Night Cinema

In light of  today’s freakfest in DC and this past week’s circus side show of freaks undulating in front of the formidable General Petraeus, I thought the cult classic FREAKS was positively fitting. Filmed in 1932, Directed by Tod Browning Also Known as, "Forbidden Love", "The Monster Show", "Nature’s Mistakes." Freaks is a Pre-Code 1932…

Saturday Night Cinema
Horse Feathers!

Alright, Atlas lightens up. I figured after last week’s killer, it was time for a laugh. And who better than Minnie’s boys. Small bit of film trivia, Groucho played the guitar, but he only displayed this talent in one film, tonight’s feature, ‘Horse Feathers’ (1932). It’s a hoot.

Saturday Night Cinema

Sadly the last of the Frank Capra Series, Why We Fight. And it’s the sweetest. America, as she was. "We believe in the future." "War comes to America", the last in the brilliant Frank Capra series, of films produced for the US government, "Why We Fight". This last film is nothing short of a love…

Saturday Night Cinema
The Battle of China

"Chapter VI of Frank Capra’s "Why We Fight" series, The Battle of China, shows yet again the insatiable quest for world domination and how evil can triumph (not ultimately, of course.) "The sixth film of Frank Capra’s Why We Fight film series. It describes the modern history of China, with the founding of the  Republic…

Saturday Night Cinema
The Battle of Russia

We should have listened to Patton and knocked Communist Russia on its ass back when he wanted to. Tonight’s feature file is fifth in the series Frank Capra produced for the war department (you couldn’t name a any government department that today – that’s how pervasive the leftards are.) If you missed Parts I thru…

The Battle of Britain

Part Four in the Frank Capra series. I had no idea when I started running this series just how necessary and brilliant it was. What a record. What a lesson. We have learned nothing. The fourth part of a series of films produced by the United States War Department during World War II. The series…

Saturday Night Cinema

Here’s part two in the Frank Capra series "Why We Fight." Part II THE NAZIS STRIKE.I previously ran parts one and three. I won’t do that anymore. I will run it sequentially. This second part depicts the Nazi plan for world conquest and portrays the first examples of German aggression in Europe: the remilitarization of…

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