HORROR AUDIO: Chilling PARIS ATTACKS recording reveals victims’ pleas as ISIS JIHADIS storm theatre

Savages for Allah. “Chilling Bataclan audio recording reveals victims’ pleas as ISIS killers storm theatre,” By Tom Batchelor, The Express, April 15, 2016: A DISTURBING recording from inside Paris’ Bataclan theatre has revealed for the first time the chilling exchange of words between the Islamic State killers and their helpless victims. A dictaphone recovered from…


Muslim Master Bombmaker of Brussels and Paris Attacks who POSED AS MIGRANT

UPDATE: Brussels attacks: Belgian media withdraws report that Laachraoui has been arrested ======================================================================= The Brussels airport attacker identified as Najim Laachraoui has been arrested. The master bombmaker who posed as migrant and attacked Paris last year is now chief suspect in Belgian atrocity as police swoop on home district. A friend of Abdelhamid Abaaoud, who…


France’s top Jewish leader unequivocal: “All” violence committed against Jews in France today is committed by Muslims

Finally, the truth. And with it the falling out. The idea that nazis are the problem is just a cover for Islamic Jew-hatred. The nazis were defeated. Their partners in the war against the Jews, the Muslims, were not. And they are the problem. Notice how people have begun to admit to what I have…

Watch VIDEO: Pamela Geller on NEWSMAX TV, The Steve Malzberg Show, Discussing Charlie Hebdo Jihad and Kosher Supermarket slaughter

Check out my interview with Steve Malzberg yesterday discussing the jihad in France, Obama and the dangerous denial by Western elites. The articles Steve is referring to are: The Death of the Jews of France In the wake of the slaughter of four Jews in a Paris kosher supermarket by an Islamic jihadist, a Parisian…

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