Maine: Head Coach forced to resign after criticizing Islam on Facebook

This is sharia enforcement in America. “Two Days After Sharing This ‘Open Letter’ to Obama on Facebook, Veteran Coach Was Handing in His Resignation,” The Blaze, April 6, 2015 (thanks to Paulo) Two days after posting a controversial open letter to President Barack Obama, written by “An American Citizen,” on his personal Facebook page, a…


Muslim Costco employee refuses to touch pork; sues after getting transferred to different department

Bear in mind that Costco was completely reasonable. The Muslim cashier refused to check out people with alcohol and pork, and so they transferred him to another position. That should have been sufficient. But he is suing. Apparently he wants Costco to have to check-out lines, one for Muslims and one for kaffirs. These demands…


Litigation Jihad: Muslim Workers Sue Hertz Again, This Time for “Islamofauxbia”

Bear in mind Hertz has been exceedingly generous to their Muslim workers. And the Muslim response has been this endless war of litigation and attrition. Hertz provided prayer rooms, rugs and prayer break times. Not good enough. Back in 2011, I reported that Hertz had was forced to suspend 35 Muslim workers because they were…


Mosqueing the Workplace: 130 Muslim Workers Walk Off Job at Tyson Meat Plant Demanding Prayer Time

Here we go again. Islamic supremacist demands on the secular marketplace. It is not necessary for a Muslim to pray at a certain time. These actions are merely devices in which to impose Islam on non-believers. Prayer is required on a strict schedule, but many imams allow a Muslim to "make up" prayers after work…


Hutton Hotel Cancels Preserving Freedom Conference in Nashville, Caves to Islamic Supremacist Demands UPDATED: SCROLL!

Egypt, Libya, Tunisia now …… Nashville.  The Hutton Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee is now sharia-compliant. Steve Eckley, Senior Vice-President of Hutton Hotel, has caved to Islamic supremacist demands and cancelled our entire Preserving Freedom Conference scheduled for November 11th in Nashville. Eckley notified us that they will not honor our contract. Steve said that if…


Mosqueing the Workplace: Hertz suspends 35 Muslim Workers for Abusing Special Prayer Break times, Refusing to Clock Out when Praying

Here, yet again, is another glaring example of what I call in my book, Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance, the mosqueing of the workplace: the imposing of Islamic law on the secular marketplace. No big media outlet will talk about the bigger picture, but one only needs to look…


Mosqueing the Workplace: Minnesota: Muslim workers going to EEOC to force more accommodations from H.J. Heinz Co

Here is another example that would be in the chapter "Mosqueing the Workplace" in my new book, Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance. Did you not order yours? You. must. read. this. book. Minnesota: Muslim workers going to EEOC to force more accommodations from H.J. Heinz Co. Jihadwatch Isn't it…


‘All Americans Must Die’ Written On Meat Plant Wall

Back in 2009, I reported on the continuing escalation of Islamic supremacist demands on the secular workplace and the accompanying hostilies. The mosqueing of the workplace is part of the islamization of America. Case in point: Shelbyville, Tennessee: Muslims in other cities were drawn to Shelbyville by the jobs offered at the local Tyson chicken…


Atlas TV Alert: Hardball Tonight UPDATE: HARDBALL CANCELS After Media Matters calls for Geller TV ban

UPDATE:  Media Matters issued this edit today and like an obedient dog, Chris Matthews canceled.   It’s a funny story. The producer called me to do a pre-show interview where they review what your position is. So they ask me what SIOA is. I said, “SIOA is a human rights organization dedicated to freedom of…

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