US Mosque Holds Memorial For Jihad Assassin Who Murdered Pakistani Governor Because He Opposed Blasphemy Law under Sharia

This is why we don’t see more Muslim reformers. Not only are they targeted for death but they are celebrated by “moderates” here in America. Taseer dared to oppose the blasphemy law that Muslims in Pakistan have used for years now to persecute and attack Christians. This is the sharia behind the Charlie Hebdo slaughter and the multiple death attempts on my life.


American Imams Conspire to Acquire Weapons for ISIS

Behind every jihad attack is the imprimatur of a Muslim cleric. The mosques — the fortresses. The imams — the generals. Mosques must be monitored. Photo: Sebastian Gregerson, left, may have had help in purchasing an ‘arsenal’ of weapons by Maryland imam Four separate studies since 1999 all found that 80% of U.S. mosques were…


Orlando Jihad Mass Murderer Tied to “Radical” Imam Recently Released from Prison

Another jihad imam — another Islamic holy man inciting to murder. When are our intel agencies going to start monitoring the mosques? The Ohio mosque, the mosque in Boston, the Arizona mosque (behind the Garland attacks), the Greater Oklahoma city mosque behind Colleen Hufford‘s beheading, the Philadelphia mosque of the cop shooting ….. one after…


LIAR: Muslim Cleric who denied ties to San Bernardino jihadis exchanged “flurry of messages” and phone calls with Farook

One again, another lying Muslim cleric. There have been almost 30,000 deadly Islamic attacks since 9/11 — each one with the imprimatur of a Muslim cleric — and still the media never challenges the imam or the mosque behind the attack. Instead, they challenge, smear and attack those of us who call into question the…


CAIR’s ‘Deputy Hamas’ Teaches Radical Mosque to Use Guns

Yes, just what we need — state sanctioned jihad training in terror-tied mosques. Nezar Hamze is a notorious Muslim Brotherhood CAIR operative and somehow he got himself named ‘Deputy Sheriff.” How does someone with no law enforcement background get to be Deputy Sheriff? And more to the point, how does someone with Hamze’s background get…


Arizona: Informant in Garland jihad attack says 50-80 more Muslim terrorists out there

Why haven’t the media and political elites gone after these jihad terrorists with anything like the venom (let alone the same amount) they have displayed in attacking me and anyone who refuses to submit to the most extreme, savage system of governance? And speaking of the media, the political elites, and law enforcement, why is…


Tennessee Jihad Mass-Murderer Followed American Imam Anwar Awlaki

In a few pages of rambling notes being pored over by the F.B.I., Mr. Abdulazeez wrote about suicide and martyrdom as long ago as 2013, a senior United States intelligence official said. The media is in full spin as to the motive behind the Chattanooga jihad. The lies the family is serving up are readily…


Pamela Geller, Breitbart News: The Mosques Behind Jihad Attacks in America

The Prime Minister of Turkey said, “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…” It’s time to monitor the mosques and shut those that are behind jihad attacks. “The Mosques Behind Jihad Attacks in America,” By Pamela Geller, Breitbart, July 19, 2015  The New York…


Garland Jihad: Texas Imam wants “change to the [free speech] law where people do not disrespect highly devout people”

“I think there needs to be a change to the law where people do not disrespect especially spiritually high people,” Texas Imam Mobasher Ahmed said. “Spiritually high” like who — the jihadists? So there you have — I am not saying it, a Texas imam is. This is the objective, and what I fight against….


Phoenix: Mosque Attended by Garland Jihadis Spawned Two Other Terrorists

Why is the media still talking about me? What aren’t we talking about what really incited the jihadists? Why isn’t the media talking about the jihadic doctrine? Sharia? The mosque? The FBI should be surveilling this mosque, impounding their phone records. Was anyone from the mosque in contact with Muslim groups in Garland? Was there…

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