Knife Jihad at UC Merced: Faisal Mohammad identified as Muslim who went on ‘smiling’ stabbing spree at California University

The knife jihad comes to America — like the knife attacks on Jews in Israel, and on hundreds of Chinese commuters by Chinese Muslims (Uighurs), secular bloggers and writers in Bangladesh, and yesterday’s knife attack on tourists in Morocco. It is a new wave of Islamic terror, following Muhammad’s example of spreading Islam by the…

UK Honor Violence: Muslim arrested after ‘stabbing mother and two sisters’ in in horror movie knife rampage

A drama of unimaginable horror unfolded on a quiet residential street in Birmingham when a teenage boy allegedly launched a frenzied knife attack on his mother and two sisters, leaving all three with multiple wounds.

Shocked neighbours described the scene in Small Heath as ‘like something out of a horror film’, with one claiming to have seen part of the attack on his CCTV system.

He watched as one girl, just 10 years old, was dragged in a headlock into the street and stabbed multiple times in the upper body and neck. She then tried to crawl to a neighbour’s house for help, he said.

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