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[ February 22, 2020 ]

Socialist Bernie Sanders Projected to Win Nevada Caucuses

[ February 22, 2020 ]

Jihad-Rep Ilhan Omar Blames the Jews After Marriage to Her Brother is Confirmed

[ February 22, 2020 ]

Harvard Professor arrested by the FBI

[ February 22, 2020 ]

President Trump’s New Director of National Intelligence Ordered To “CLEAN HOUSE”

[ February 22, 2020 ]

Michael Bloomberg Confirms He Used Prison Labor To Make 2020 Campaign Calls

[ February 22, 2020 ]

Kansas City: Armed Forces trainee converts to Islam, plots jihad massacre at military base

[ February 22, 2020 ]

CNNazis: Don Lemon uses Holocaust poem to describe loyalties to Trump

[ February 22, 2020 ]

‘I Lived In Soviet Russia When Bernie Sanders Visited, And He’s A Communist Dupe’

[ February 22, 2020 ]

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary accused of “racism” for saying terrorists are ‘generally Muslim men’

[ February 22, 2020 ]

Counter Terrorism DHS Whistle blower on Obama Admin Phil Haney Found Dead

KGIA: ALmontaser tasered

Round one: The West 1, Islamists 0 Ex-principal of Arabic Khalil Gibran school loses round in court NY Daily News A federal judge Wednesday shot down a last-minute attempt by the former principal of a Brooklyn Arabic-language school to keep the city from selecting her successor. Debbie Almontaser, the short-lived head of the new Khalil…


Bloomberg is such a SCHMUCK! Then you remember it’s your taxpayer dollars that will pay off the suit, it’s your taxypayer dollars building public school madrassas so you look in the mirror and yell, SCHMUCK! He has relentlessly pursued the opening of the KGIA public school madrassa and he will reap what has has sown….

The Individual will Save America

I tell ya, it’s the individual that will save the day. My new hero Korina Negligent and intolerable’ Parents bring textbook concerns to Lodi Unified Lodi News Still not satisfied with the treatment of religions in her son’s seventh-grade textbook, Korina Self aired her concerns Tuesday night at Lodi Unified’s board meeting. Backed by nearly…


We should have done this long ago. And public school madrassas?  Must be stopped. Fight the implacable foe. The elites in this country see no Islamic evil, hear no Islamic evil, speak no Islamic evil. Hardwired for delusion. Close The D.C. Madrassa hat tip Andrew Bostom INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY Islamofascism: A federal panel wants a…

A Soft Jihad Grows in Brooklyn

The inculcation of our youth is  the most damaging front of the jihad in America. It’s nefarious effect is on display on college campuses nationwide. This is the poison fruit of the hijacking our education system. And of course, the "Arabic" school is stonewalling the Citizen’s group. Almontaser stated that "I have realized that U.S….

Islamic Public Schools Teaching Supremist Ideology

Miss Kelly confirms our worst fears here. These Islamic public schools must be stopped (all madrassa ought to be monitored for that matter.) Check out the of the first Islamic public school accredited in Massachusetts. hat tip Andrew Bostom FYI, I did some digging on Al-Hamra Academy, the first Islamic school accredited by MA, written…

Stop the NY Public School Madrassa Press Conference

The press conference to raise serious questions regarding the propriety of opening Khalil Gibran International Academy Desiree Bernstein, representing the families of 9/11, was erudite, well spoken, and committed. Big time.  She came out strong against the NY public school madrassa. Video is MIA. The Warriors (Beth Galinsky address the press.) I got there late…


CAIR-NY URGES SUPPORT FOR NY PUBLIC ARABIC LANGUAGE SCHOOL – (NEW YORK, NY, 8/19/07) – The New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-NY) today called upon Muslim New Yorkers and other people of conscience to participate in a peaceful demonstration in support of the Khalil Gibran International Academy (KGIA), an Arabic language…

“Jihad is our way, And death in the way of Allah is our promised end”

Their agenda is so clear, they are so bold: Allah is our goalThe Prophet Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullah is our leaderThe Qu’ran is our constitutionJihad is our wayAnd death in the way of Allah is our promised end. Pipes writes; Beila Rabinowitz alerts me to another Islamist feature of the KGIA’s advisory board: Imam Talib Abdul-Rashid,…


UPDATE: My radio show tonight will be Pamela Hall from the Stop the Madrassa Coaliton – call in (347) 996-3944 SHEIK-UP: Danielle Salzberg replaces ousted Khalil Gibran head Debbie Almontaser. In the latest desperate attempt to pull the wool over our eyes and get this NY public school madrassa opened and unstoppable, they’ve hired a…

VICTORY! San Diego Public School Madrassa STOPPED!

Victory for America folks! yeah baby. Charles over at LGF is reporting here; San Diego School Stops Allotting Class Time for Muslim Prayers LGF hat tip Caroline A San Diego school that set up a “madrassa” for Somali Muslim students, allowing prayer time during class hours and segregating males from females, has been forced to…

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