Mosqueing the Jails: Pierce County, WA forced to make special accommodations for Muslim inmates after settlement

Maybe they can provide al qaeda manuals and bomb parts: Left: Larry Tarrer Right: Raymond Garland As a result of a settlement, the Pierce County Jail is adopting new policies to accommodate Islamic supremacist convicts in Pierce County, Washington. The ACLU of Washington and the Public Interest Law Group filed the suit in U.S. District…


France to investigate jihadism in prisons

This is needed in America, where the weak, the broken and the violent are targeted by jihadist imams, converted to Islam and groomed for jihad. France takes new look at radicalization in prisons Beaver County Times (hat tip David W) President Nicolas Sarkozy ordered a study on the evolving threat in prisons after last month's…


U.S. adds freed Gitmo jihadi to terrorist list

Chalk this up to the insanity of misunderstanders of Islam. Of course, the question remains: what's it going to take for our elected officials, media elites and the chattering classes to address the threat, or even to identify the threat and the motive of this war on the West? U.S. adds freed Gitmo jihadi to…


Muslim Converts Get 25 Years in 2009 Jihad Plot to Bomb Synagogues,
Shoot Down Military planes With Stinger Missiles

The four jihadis who planned a massive bomb attack on NYC synagogues, Jewish community centers and planned to shoot down military planes with stinger missiles were sentenced yeaterday.  It is important to mention that the Muslims who plotted to bomb NYC synagogues were converted in jail, the very issue Representative Peter King's latest hearings are…


Washington state: Man shot during traffic stop had armor-piercing bullets, Qur’an, books on converting to Islam

Jihad here, jihad there, jihad jihad everywhere, but let's not worry our pretty, little, racist-islamophobic-anti-muslim-bigot airheads about the coming big one; instead, let's read the Muslim Brotherhood-tied CAIR's al qaeda reader on who the real bad guys are. Armor-piercing bullets … what was this pious Muslim planning? Washington state: Man shot during traffic stop had…


Mosqueing the Prisons: Jailhouse Jihad

Considering that the prisons are the most fertile breeding ground for converting the disenfranchised and then recruiting the newly devout Muslims to jihad, this is the height of civilizational stupidity. Virginia inmate wins legal jihad, submits prison to all kinds of sharia Creeping, hat tip Armaros The coup de grace for Virginia’s prison system (and taxpayers),…


Muslim Who created the Muslim Chaplain Program in America Convicted on Terror Charges, Serving 23 Years

Atlas readers are well aware of the conversion, recruitment and brainwashing of prisoners to Islam in our nation's prisons. This is fertile ground. Disenfranchised, uneducated violent offenders make the perfect target for jihad plotting and recruitment. Atlas has been covering this as early as 2005 and 2006. The Saudís also have a special program aimed…


Obama Grants Terrorists US Citizenship

Note that the accomplice-media is silent on the systemic treason of the Obama administration. Granting citizenship to terror-tied convicts. Oh and yes, let’s put extremist Muslims in the general prison population, knowing what we know about the radicalization of our prisons. Three Convicted in Terror-Related Cases Later Granted U.S. Citizenship by Obama Administration CNS (CNSNews.com)…


New Al Qaeda Tape: Don’t Stop Rebelling Until Islamic Regimes Created, Ex-Gitmo Detainee Calls for More Bloodshed To Topple Arab Dictators

Yes, GITMO was the problem, not the Muslim terrorists. As if. Such suicidal stupidity is beneath contempt. More of the poisonous fruit of the left's war on America. These same tyrants in America are rejoicing at the very idea of an Islamic crescent through Africa and the Middle East. All the hand wringing and whining…


Obama Drops Prosecution of USS Cole

Obama is dropping the case against the Cole bombing, a jihadist act of war. In October 2000, the Cole was attacked by Muslim terrorists in a homicide attack in the Yemeni post of Aden. Seventeen sailors were killed and thirty-nine were injured, and the ship was damaged. Today we hear they are dropping the case….

More Department of Justice Corruption and Subversion: Terror Lawyers Head DOJ’s powerful Office of Legal Counsel

"Obama has Violated His Oath of Office" in Racist Dept of Justice Decision to Drop New Black Panther Party Voter Intimidation Case and Mandate DOJ Policy: "No Voter Intimidation Cases Will Brought Against Black Defendent Where the Victim is White" As if that weren't bad enough to sink the whole damn administration and impeach Obama….

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