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[ January 20, 2020 ]

British PM Boris Approves Plans to Pursue Rapid Trade Deal with U.S.

[ January 20, 2020 ]

Self-hating Jew Sanders adds another anti-Semite to his staff

[ January 20, 2020 ]

France: 150 occupied territories are held by Islamists, according to a Secret Defense document

[ January 20, 2020 ]

Poll: Trump Approval Among Farmers Hits Record High at 83%

[ January 20, 2020 ]

The Times Backs Two Women for President

[ January 20, 2020 ]

Leader of Italy’s leading Political Party Matteo Salvini: Muslim Migration Is ‘Main Cause’ of Antisemitism

[ January 20, 2020 ]

UPDATED: “Peaceful, Calm, and Friendly” Second Amendment Rally: Reality Versus Enemedia

[ January 20, 2020 ]

Muslim Terrorist Charged With the Overseas Murder of an American and Providing Material Support to...

[ January 20, 2020 ]

State Dept. SUED for Records Tied to Monitoring of Trump Family and These Journalists

[ January 20, 2020 ]

Muslims chant about killing Jews outside Triumphal, Supremacist Mosque in Jerusalem


EXCLUSIVE: UJA President Alisa Doctoroff Major Donor to State Dept Funded Campaign to Increase Arab Vote in Israel

The UJA Federation president is backing an organization to get Arabs out to vote in Israel — a campaign the State Department is paying for. Election jihad. Last week I published the report that the UJA-NY President, Alisa Doctoroff, is a donor to a radical left-wing anti-Israel Organization. The organization, the New Israel Fund, “funded…

New York Jewish Couple Attacked by Pro-Hamas Terror Gang

The violence against Jews by Muslims and their leftist goons, so prevalent in Eurabia (Europe and UK), has come to America. Everywhere there is Muslim immigration, the pattern is the same. A gang of anti-Semitic thugs roughed up a Jewish man and his wife on the Upper East Side on Monday evening before fleeing in…

Miami: Muslim funded by US government and hailed by Jewish leaders says US “contaminated by Jews”

In this age of Obama, this Jew-hater’s support from the U.S. government is not surprising. For that matter, neither is the fact that he collaborates with Jewish organizations and is warmly praised by Jewish leaders — especially the Jewicidal leftists of J Street. These Jewish leaders embrace this Jew-hater and give him a platform, but…

ADL’s “Interfaith” Summer Camp Infiltrated by Supporters of Al Qaeda Terrorist

When the ADL is not busy attacking proud Zionists or the state of Israel, they are exposing our young to jihadists and al-Qaeda linked anti-semities. The ADL has long abandoned their mission in defense of the Jewish people and instead has become a club for the increasingly anti-semitic pro-jihad left. They attack many of the…

AIPAC Opposes Bill to Cut U.S. Aid to ‘Palestinians’

It’s an upside-down world. Rand Paul, son of notorious Israel hater Ron Paul, is more Jewish than AIPAC. We are watching big dinosaur Jewish groups slowly, painfully commit suicide. It’s astonishing. This is a pattern. Jewish lay leadership like AIPAC, UJA, etc., won’t have fierce, proud Zionist voices like mine address their minions, but vicious…

Hallelujah! Abe Foxman finally ‘retires’ from the ADL

Oh, happy day. Abe Foxman is resigning after more than 50 years at the increasingly damaging ADL. I thought that Foxman was going to go out feet first. And in a way, he is. Lord knows the man is brain dead.

He took a once vital organization and turned it hard left going after fierce proud Jews like me. Foxman’s ADL freely criticized Israel and Joan Rivers (I kid you not), but walked on eggshells with anti-semitic Muslim groups.

Of course, his successor could be worse, but let’s not think about that now. Foxman is gone; perhaps the ADL will finally recognize the Armenian Genocide.


Pamela Geller, Sun Sentinel: “Bruce Warshal: Rabbi for the Jews’ enemies”

A month ago, the Sun Sentinel ran a vicious oped by a Rabbi Bruce Warshal, who defamed me and several of my colleagues. I submitted a response and requested, in the interest of journalistic integrity, that they publish it. Bruce Warshal: Rabbi for the Jews' enemies By Pamela Geller,  February 20, 2013 Rabbi Bruce Warshal,…


Pamela Geller, WND Column:
Jewish and Christian clerics for jihad

Calling out the craven quisling stooges: DEFENDING THE WEST Jewish and Christian clerics for jihad WND, December 31, 2012 Exclusive: Pamela Geller blasts religious 'leaders' for failing to condemn barbaric cruelty I love how I bring out the most cowardly and craven among liberal Jewish and Christian “leadership.” How eager these knaves are to do…


ADL’s defamation of proud Jews

The Critical Post has a much needed, superb article on the betrayal of "Jewish" organizations whose work undermines the Jewish people. "Anti-Defamation League Continues To Embarrass The Jewish Community – Attacks Geller’s National Ad Campaign" The Critical Post (TCP)Chicago Opinion – There are not enough Jewish voices on the right side of history. Too many…


Breitbart: “Los Angeles Jewish Federation Enforces Shariah Law”

Laura Rubenfeld, former Terrorism Analyst for Steven Emerson at The Investigative Project on Terrorism, has an excellent take-down of the dhimmis at the LA Jewish Federation who canceled my speech on Islamic Jew-hatred, caving to pressure from Muslim Brotherhood-tied groups. “Los Angeles Jewish Federation Enforces Shariah Law” Breitbart, July 7, 2012 On the morning of…


VIDEO: Pamela Geller on the Michael Coren Show:
LA Jewish Federation enforces sharia

VIDEO: The Speech the LA Jewish Federation feared you would hear, Pamela Geller at ZOA, Western Division Los Angeles Jewish Federation defines "the modern dhimmi Jew" Victory! LA Jewish Federation apologizes for cancelling Geller talk Previous coverage:  Hamas-CAIR and LA Jewish Federation make common cause against Zionists Bad Journalism 101: LA Times Repeats Islamic Supremacist…


ADL’s Abe Foxman betrays Proud Jews in The Jewish Week

Last week the Soviet-style, Soviet-born director of the ADL since 1965, Abe Foxman, compared me to the virulent Je- hater Louis Farrakhan in the pages of, drumroll please, The Jewish Week. This is a new low for the increasingly anti-zionist rag, and points to the low state of the Jewish diaspora. Imagine, proud zionists are…

Pamela Geller, Newsmax: Anti-Defamation League Chief Bashes Rush Limbaugh

Check out my quick fire defense of a Great American, and a friend of Israel and the Jewish people, Rush Limbaugh, against the embarrassing self loathing Jew Abe Foxman in Newsmax: As a passionate, proud Jew, I too stand with Rush Limbaugh and would take up against Foxman in a heartbeat. Thank God for righteous…

Pamela Geller, Big Journalism: Step Aside, Mr. Foxman: Your Remarks About Rush Are Out of Bounds

Back in August 2007, I demanded Foxman’s resignation after his continual denials of the Armenian genocide. We, as a people, cannot condone such unspeakable silence. We, of all people, must never be silent about the systemic death of a people. This Islamic genocide was heinous and brutal. And considering the level of Islamic anti-Semitism in…

AIAC on Obama’s anti-semitic “Anti-Semitism” Czar: “Rosenthal’s criticism of the Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. is beyond bizarre, and highly offensive in the extreme. It is a virulent anti-Israel attack which AIAC interprets to be anti-Semitic”

Regular Atlas readers know I have real problems with AIPAC. They dropped the ball long ago. I stopped attending their functions and events when they sat by and did nothing to expose Obama for the rat that he is. Back in May of '08, a reader  invited me to the AIPAC Wall Street dinner at…

Pamela Geller, Interview, Frontpage Magazine: Collaborators in England in the War Against the Jews

Don't miss my interview with Jamie Glazov in Frontpage magazine. Here's an excerpt: Jewish history is littered with these collaborators. And we see them everywhere in our current environment. The failure of many Jews to stand up and fight this century’s Philistines after thousands of years of persecution is difficult to swallow. Can one deny…

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