Intervista a Pamela Geller: «Le nomine di Trump? Stop a Obama, ha ignorato la minaccia jihadista»

My Italian readers might enjoy this interview I did with an Italian publicatiom «Le nomine di Trump? Stop a Obama, ha ignorato la minaccia jihadista» Intervista a Pamela Geller di Roberto Santoro  | 14 Dicembre 2016 La scrittrice e attivista americana Pamela Geller è una di quelle persone capaci di far infuriare l’elite liberal e…


Italy: Muslim Immigrants Gang-Rape, Beat Head of Reception Center, Destroy Facility, Attack Care Workers (Translated)

In Fiuggi, one hour south of Rome, a Muslim “migrant” youth gang-raped and tried to kill the head of the facility. They tore up and destroyed the  migrant “Welcome” facility and beat up other care workers — the people who had cared for them over the past six months. It’s a cultural thing, and we…


ISIS in Rome

For months, the Islamic State has vowed to attack Italy and conquer Rome, now that they have a stronghold in Libya. I have warned of this for months. Back in February ISIS warned Italians: “You have seen us in Syria, now we’re right here, just south of Rome…” In July 2014, the caliph (leader)  of…


Italy: Muslims Urinate on and Destroy Virgin Mary Statue

More of that mutual respect and mutual understanding we are always being schooled on by our Islamic superiors. Imagine if anything, even remotely like this, was ever  attempted in a mosque — the mind reels. Photo above from a previous desecration of a Virgin Mary statue by Muslims. They are slaughtering people and burning churches…

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