Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan Yells Anti-Israel Slur, Assaults Protester

Obama’s favorite and “most trusted ally,” Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, screamed an anti-Israel slur at a protester. “Why are you running away from me Israeli sperm,” Erdoğan reportedly said, using a Turkish word that is used as a curse. In film footage of the incident, Erdoğan is seen “surrounded by security personnel who proceeded…

Pamela Geller, American Thinker: Walls Closing In for Jews at UCLA — and in America

Please go over to The American Thinker and check out my article on the craven cowardice of UCLA administration officials in the face of Nuremberg “petitions” and “ethics”: “Walls Closing In for Jews at UCLA — and in America,” American Thinker Pamela Geller After years of battering and bullying, we have reached a tipping point….

Pamela Geller, Breitbart: American Muslims for Palestine Anti-Israel Ads Run on DC Buses

A new and viciously anti-Israel ad is running on Washington, DC buses, reading “We’re Sweating April 15 So Israelis Don’t Have To! Stop US Aid to Israel’s Occupation” and featuring a grim-looking Uncle Sam waving an Israeli flag. American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) is the sponsor of this Jew-hating ad, which evokes the ugly anti-Semitic stereotypes in which Jew-haters have long trafficked.

‘Dirty Jew, Go Home to Israel:’ Jewish Girl in France Attacked by Muslim Mother and Daughter

A young Jewish woman was recently attacked at a laundromat in a suburb of Lyon, France by a Muslim mother and daughter because she was a Jew. France has a problem. Every country that has a Muslim population of over 10% has imported a hostile, supremacist, violent movement.

This is eerily reminiscent of the monstrous torture and vicious murder of Ilan Halimi.

Obama’s Anti-Israel Propaganda: Muslim antisemitism is “only decades old”

In the now infamous New Yorker interview, President Barack Obama is claiming that widespread Muslim hatred of Jews is only decades old.. His deception implies a justification of the Jew hatred – Israel.

Why is it at every anti-Israel, anti-zionist rally held by Muslims whether its in NY, Paris, London, Jerusalem or Tehran, the same chant is repeated the world over, “Khaybar Khaybar ya yahud, Jaish …..” “Jews! Remember Khybar! [When Muhammad exterminated an entire tribe of Jews.] Remember! the armies of Muahmmad are coming!”

How does Obama explain Khybar or the Supreme Leader of the Muslim world aligned with Hitler: Mufti of Jerusalem: Islam’s Role in the Holocaust…

Obama urges Jewish leaders not to back Iran sanctions

It is striking how little Obama thinks of Jewish leadership. What quislings he must think they are — cowardly and so will just go along.

“Hitler urges Jews to support Zyklon B.”

The only difference between then and now is timing. The Nazis moved with incredible speed and technology. One of the most technologically advanced countries on earth, Nazi Germany worked with laser focus to build its war machine and achieve its global goals. Islamic supremacists, on the other hand, have all the time in the world. It doesn’t matter the date or time, or century, for that matter: the book never changes, the goal never changes. That and the Muslim world is hardly the most advanced at anything except, of course, savagery and propaganda.

Muslim Jew-Hatred in Germany: Bonn Imam tells 13 year old boys to cut off heads of chicks in prep for decapitating Jews

Excerpt of interview with German apostate on mosques in Germany. The Quran on Islamic Jew hatred: “Strongest among men in enmity to the believers wilt thou find the Jews…” (5:82).

“Curses were pronounced on those among the Children of Israel who rejected Faith, by the tongue of David and of Jesus the son of Mary: because they disobeyed and persisted in excesses.” (5:78).


India warns Jewish groups to tighten security, targeted by Muslim group for possible terrorist attacks

The Muslim attack on the mall in Nairobi mirrors the horrible Muslim attack in Mumbai back in November 2008. The savages released Muslims and slaughtered the non-Muslims. On November 26, 2008, jihadists staged 11 coordinated shooting and bombing attacks across Mumbai, India, killing 164 people and wounding at least 308. The carnage was unimaginable, the…


Daniel Pipes Dead Wrong on Islamic Jew-Hatred

Once again, Daniel Pipes is dead-on wrong. That he is considered an expert on these matters makes it all the more troubling. It is essential for a people targeted for genocide to understand the who, what and why behind the savagery. If you cannot (or will not) diagnose a problem, you cannot (and will not)…


Pamela Geller, Jerusalem Post: Betrayal of the Jewish Left

Please read, share, tweet, and facebook-like my piece in Friday's Jerusalem Post. Much thanks to Ted Belman of Israpundit — he made it happen. The betrayal of the Jewish Left By Pamela Geller, Jerusalem Post, June 14, 2013 In condemning Jews who speak out against jihad and Islamic supremacism, leftist rabbis are enabling the worst…


Pamela Geller, WND Column: Boston bombers linked to triple murder of Jews

Three young Jewish men slaughtered Islamic style on the tenth anniversary of September 11th should have set off alarms. If nothing else, it should have been a huge national news story. Muslims slaughtering Jews is hardly new — it's one of the highest forms of Islamic worship. That's a hate crime. But we never heard…


Throats Slit, Triple Jewish Murder Tied to Boston Jihad Bomber Happened on September 11th

  Raphael Teken (left with friend) was one of three people along with Erik Weissman (right) and Brendan Mess who were murdered in a Boston apartment in September 2011 Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev is now suspected by his former friends of murdering his 'only American friend' Brendan Mess (right)  and two devout Jewish friends…


Guilty of killing a man, notorious Jew-Hater Lord Ahmed blames “Jewish Conspiracy” for his prison term

Typical Muslim Jew-hatred. This notorious Islamic supremacist kills someone and  ….. blames the Jews. Labour peer Lord Ahmed suspended over claims he blamed imprisonment on 'Jewish conspiracy' The Telegraph, March 13, 2013 (thanks to Atlas readers who sent this in) Labour has suspended a peer who is alleged to have blamed a Jewish conspiracy for…

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