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[ February 22, 2020 ]

Saturday Night Cinema: Secret Agent

[ February 22, 2020 ]

Socialist Bernie Sanders Projected to Win Nevada Caucuses

[ February 22, 2020 ]

Jihad-Rep Ilhan Omar Blames the Jews After Marriage to Her Brother is Confirmed

[ February 22, 2020 ]

Harvard Professor arrested by the FBI

[ February 22, 2020 ]

President Trump’s New Director of National Intelligence Ordered To “CLEAN HOUSE”

[ February 22, 2020 ]

Michael Bloomberg Confirms He Used Prison Labor To Make 2020 Campaign Calls

[ February 22, 2020 ]

Kansas City: Armed Forces trainee converts to Islam, plots jihad massacre at military base

[ February 22, 2020 ]

CNNazis: Don Lemon uses Holocaust poem to describe loyalties to Trump

[ February 22, 2020 ]

‘I Lived In Soviet Russia When Bernie Sanders Visited, And He’s A Communist Dupe’

[ February 22, 2020 ]

Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary accused of “racism” for saying terrorists are ‘generally Muslim men’

Defying Islamic terror regime, Fierce Clashes on Tehran streets, Iranians protesters are met with tear gas, batons, water cannons

UPDATED ALL DAY PLEASE SCROOL FOR NEW VIDEO AND UPDATES "President" Obama VIDEO UPDATE: TEHRAN, Iran: wounded girl dying in front of camera (hat tip Kitten) Katherine provides these details: “A young woman who was standing aside with her father watching the protests was shot by a basij member hiding on the rooftop of a…

“All hangs in the balance”

Every once in awhile I risk incurring Robert Tracinski's wrath by running his whole column from TIA Daily (which is worth the price of subscription). Today is such a day, because it is so fundamentally important that everyone should read it and send it to their email lists. What is happening in Iran is historic….

Round Up of the Murdered in Iran

And Obama swats flies. Obama doesn't meddle unless it's to destroy Israel. Them thar's the rules, brothuhs and sistuhs. Much thanks to Jan, who put the numbers into a spreadsheet.  The total is 250, as against the reported 7.  Here it is:   Tehran 23 Shiraz 11 Isfehan 7 Qum 4 Arak 2 Mash'had 9…

Pali’s Ginning Up the Violence Against Iranian Demonstrators: “people outside of Iran should be aware of is the participation of Palestinian forces in [crushing] these riots”

If there is violence in the Middle East, rest assured the "Palestinians" are there, doing a-what comes naturally.  I live for they day when I see a good and decent Palestinian contribution to man. Until then, duck. And where's Obama? Having a pedicure while Brian Williams collects the cuttings for an extra special insider NBC…


Iran is spinning out of control. On the surface it is a hopeful sign. But the bottom line is the Presidency is not the highest office in Iran. The mullahs are in charge. The election is a show …..Mousavi was as radical as Ahmadinejad, but smoother. Nothing would have changed. The Islamic Republic of Iran…

It’s always been the Mullahs …………..

I feel for those terrified souls marching through Tehran blindly acting out in hope that it might effect any change. An exercise in futility. If they value their lives, they will flee the country. We should have backed the reformers and the dissidents years ago when free men had a shot …………. now we are…

It sounds like Obama’s election………………..

I guess the ACORN affiliate and the SEIU branch in Iran used the Obama's presidential election as their template. SAVVY MULLAHS SURPRISE "EXPERTS" INFURIATE OPPONENTS Consider: U.S. analysts find it "not credible" that challenger Mir Hossein Mousavi would have lost the balloting in his hometown or that a third candidate, Mehdi Karoubi, would have received…

Blood Thirsty Terrorist, Marine Murderer, Honored with Stamp in Iran

The most notorious terrorist,  the barbarian behind the mass murder is being honored by the terror stae Obama wants to talk with, dialogue down with, you, chat on, Iran. The stamp, which features a smiling picture of Imad Mughniyeh wearing a military uniform, was unveiled at a ceremony attended by the Iranian minister of post…


Hal posits, "Iran has just received their 7th shipment of 11 tons of nuclear fuel from Russia.  That brings their total amount of fuel received from Russia to date to 77 metric tons of nuclear fuel rods.  The news says they need around 82-85 tons total.  (I’m thinking 88 tons total, 8 shipments of 11…

SHOCKA! Iran behind Lockerbie

Since Jimmy Carter helped install the Ayatollah Khomeini,  Iran has been behind  major Islamic terrorist acts and major Islamic terrorist groups, Iranian foreign legions as it were. They declared war on the West in ’79 and have never looked back. It is the caliphate they want and the caliphate they mean to inflict on the…

Must We Lose This War?

The footage of the British hostages thanking Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for his hospitality and forgiveness, like the footage of Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi covering her head in a scarf while on a visit to Damascus, was enough to make you sick. Must we lose this war? Read it all….

On the British Soldiers

Iran’s mission accomplished, the British soldiers were released last night and sent home sans their military garb  and instead clad in Iranian cheap suits. As if  Iran could remove their honor, dignity, courage. The fifteen Royal Navy sailors and marines held captive by Iran returned home Thursday to a nation relieved at their freedom but…

Coleman Seeks to Isolate Iran

excellent on UN reform. He continues to carry the torch and make the tough calls. Most impressive indeed.  “For the sake of our national security, the U.S. must ensure that the sensitive nuclear technology that we share with partner countries does not fall into the hands of the Iranians,” said Coleman. “The Iranians have demonstrated…

IRAN: Jews, Christians Must Wear “Special Badges”

Ahmadinejad has vowed, “To stop Christianity in this country” [i.e., Iran] here and his recent “letter”  to President Bush emulates the jihad war precept (originally formulated by the Muslim prophet Muhammad) of calling infidel powers—often Christian powers—to accept Islam, prior to initiating a jihad war against them. hat tip Andrew. Make no mistake, this is…

Iran Calls for Global Jihad

Hamas says they will never recognize Israel, no matter what the cost. In its first actions heading the Palestinian Authority, Hamas plans on releasing the murderers of Tourism Minister Rechevam Ze’evi and increasing ties with Iran. JERUSALEM POST: HAMAS: AYATOLLAH WILL HAVE MAJOR ROLE IN PALESTINE D’oh, do they think we are stupid? Hamas is…

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