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[ January 20, 2020 ]

British PM Boris Approves Plans to Pursue Rapid Trade Deal with U.S.

[ January 20, 2020 ]

Self-hating Jew Sanders adds another anti-Semite to his staff

[ January 20, 2020 ]

France: 150 occupied territories are held by Islamists, according to a Secret Defense document

[ January 20, 2020 ]

Poll: Trump Approval Among Farmers Hits Record High at 83%

[ January 20, 2020 ]

The Times Backs Two Women for President

[ January 20, 2020 ]

Leader of Italy’s leading Political Party Matteo Salvini: Muslim Migration Is ‘Main Cause’ of Antisemitism

[ January 20, 2020 ]

UPDATED: “Peaceful, Calm, and Friendly” Second Amendment Rally: Reality Versus Enemedia

[ January 20, 2020 ]

Muslim Terrorist Charged With the Overseas Murder of an American and Providing Material Support to...

[ January 20, 2020 ]

State Dept. SUED for Records Tied to Monitoring of Trump Family and These Journalists

[ January 20, 2020 ]

Muslims chant about killing Jews outside Triumphal, Supremacist Mosque in Jerusalem


I hope to see a struggle, with the Persians winning out over the Islamic supremacists. The people who supported the Westernized lax-Sharia Pahlavi regime haven't gone away or all been killed.  A secularized Western Iran — what a wonderful turn that would be.  There is a leadership vacuum and a scramble by Iran's Islamic leaders….

Presidential Priorities

Actual Caption: President Barack Obama steers the cart with his golfing partner, Vice President Joe Biden, left, as they finish 18 holes at the Fort Belvoir Golf Club together on Father's Day, Sunday, June 21, 2009. Think about the howls of outrage from the Left if George W. Bush played golf while people were being…

Iran: A Letter from a Marine

Dear Atlas, First of all, thank you for showing the pictures of the casualties in Iran. They are graphic and disturbing but their exposure is necessary. People need to see what is happening in there. My heart goes out to those brave people in Iran, they are fighting for freedom and I admire them. They…

Netanyahu Takes the Lead in Praising the Iranians

"The word is a simple one: freedom."  Israel Matzav had this: On Sunday's Meet the Press, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu came out in favor of the student demonstrators in Iran. Let's go to the videotape. Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy Netanyahu is masterful – he's everything the…

Iran Protests: Live

Tehran Bureau over at Twitter: A voice from central Tehran earlier this morning (Sunday 21 June): [Translated] Things are so bad. They are massacring people here. Please tell Obama not to officially recognize Ahmadinjad. He’s not our real president. He’s a dictator. Please tell people that in Tehran they’re massacring people. There’s nothing going on…

Tweeting the Revolution

From the tweetdeck, tweeting the revolution. Unconfirmed reportage from the street, as the leftists and their media handmaidens in America hold their noses and pray this goes away. President Pantywaist: come out, come out, wherever you are. Ugh. Latest tweets: UPDATE: 6:54 PM Iran Press News FB friend says: Iran source: there is a military…

Defying Islamic terror regime, Fierce Clashes on Tehran streets, Iranians protesters are met with tear gas, batons, water cannons

UPDATED ALL DAY PLEASE SCROOL FOR NEW VIDEO AND UPDATES "President" Obama VIDEO UPDATE: TEHRAN, Iran: wounded girl dying in front of camera (hat tip Kitten) Katherine provides these details: “A young woman who was standing aside with her father watching the protests was shot by a basij member hiding on the rooftop of a…

“All hangs in the balance”

Every once in awhile I risk incurring Robert Tracinski's wrath by running his whole column from TIA Daily (which is worth the price of subscription). Today is such a day, because it is so fundamentally important that everyone should read it and send it to their email lists. What is happening in Iran is historic….

Round Up of the Murdered in Iran

And Obama swats flies. Obama doesn't meddle unless it's to destroy Israel. Them thar's the rules, brothuhs and sistuhs. Much thanks to Jan, who put the numbers into a spreadsheet.  The total is 250, as against the reported 7.  Here it is:   Tehran 23 Shiraz 11 Isfehan 7 Qum 4 Arak 2 Mash'had 9…

Pali’s Ginning Up the Violence Against Iranian Demonstrators: “people outside of Iran should be aware of is the participation of Palestinian forces in [crushing] these riots”

If there is violence in the Middle East, rest assured the "Palestinians" are there, doing a-what comes naturally.  I live for they day when I see a good and decent Palestinian contribution to man. Until then, duck. And where's Obama? Having a pedicure while Brian Williams collects the cuttings for an extra special insider NBC…


Iran is spinning out of control. On the surface it is a hopeful sign. But the bottom line is the Presidency is not the highest office in Iran. The mullahs are in charge. The election is a show …..Mousavi was as radical as Ahmadinejad, but smoother. Nothing would have changed. The Islamic Republic of Iran…

It’s always been the Mullahs …………..

I feel for those terrified souls marching through Tehran blindly acting out in hope that it might effect any change. An exercise in futility. If they value their lives, they will flee the country. We should have backed the reformers and the dissidents years ago when free men had a shot …………. now we are…

It sounds like Obama’s election………………..

I guess the ACORN affiliate and the SEIU branch in Iran used the Obama's presidential election as their template. SAVVY MULLAHS SURPRISE "EXPERTS" INFURIATE OPPONENTS Consider: U.S. analysts find it "not credible" that challenger Mir Hossein Mousavi would have lost the balloting in his hometown or that a third candidate, Mehdi Karoubi, would have received…

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