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[ January 20, 2020 ]

British PM Boris Approves Plans to Pursue Rapid Trade Deal with U.S.

[ January 20, 2020 ]

Self-hating Jew Sanders adds another anti-Semite to his staff

[ January 20, 2020 ]

France: 150 occupied territories are held by Islamists, according to a Secret Defense document

[ January 20, 2020 ]

Poll: Trump Approval Among Farmers Hits Record High at 83%

[ January 20, 2020 ]

The Times Backs Two Women for President

[ January 20, 2020 ]

Leader of Italy’s leading Political Party Matteo Salvini: Muslim Migration Is ‘Main Cause’ of Antisemitism

[ January 20, 2020 ]

UPDATED: “Peaceful, Calm, and Friendly” Second Amendment Rally: Reality Versus Enemedia

[ January 20, 2020 ]

Muslim Terrorist Charged With the Overseas Murder of an American and Providing Material Support to...

[ January 20, 2020 ]

State Dept. SUED for Records Tied to Monitoring of Trump Family and These Journalists

[ January 20, 2020 ]

Muslims chant about killing Jews outside Triumphal, Supremacist Mosque in Jerusalem

Day 32 Iran Revolution: Twitter: “People in Iran have but ONE weapon – Your Attention!”

Ahmadinejad: Iran will "bring down" Western foes The faces of the murderers and torturers (hat tip Jan P) "People in Iran have but ONE weapon – Our Attention!" Torture methods of the imprisoned. UPDATE (hat tip Banafsheh) Wanted: Khamenei and Ahmadinejad for crimes against humanity July 15, 2009 Temporary note sent to existing members: For…

Iran Revolution Day 26: Thousands Return To The Streets In Iran, Shootings Reported

Boston stands with Iran: Iranian police clash with protesters in fresh unrest Worst outbreak of street violence since post-election protests (hat tip Jane)  7:06 pm VIDEO: Tehran: army of police and militiamen attack unarmed protesters Today:  Revolution Road) Roozbeh Farahanipour returns to Iran. Under Farahanipour's leadership, the Marze Por Gohar Party led the pro-democracy movement…


Worldwide Protest Against the murderous theocratic regime in Iran (hat tip Banafsheh)Go here for cities and datesYoutube video here Today, around the world 4 upcoming protests Location Begins London, England 16 Princess Gate (Iranian Embassy) July 07, 18:00 Orange County, CA -18-Tir Protest in Tustin District, Jamboree & Barranca (Irvine) July 08, 18:00 Norway, Oslo,…

Iranian Revolution Day 22: Crushing the Movement – 29 More to be Hanged Tomorrow

Names of women dead/arrested (English via Google Translator)  6:11 pm: Judiciary has ordered Iranian ISPs and Web based service providers to give them info (including IPs) of users. Evil assclown of the day: Incoming IAEA chief: No evidence Iran seeking nuclear weapons. Those perverse lilliputians over at the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm, Sweden, must be…

Iranian Revolution Day 21: Germany Reverts to Nazism, Sells Torture Devices to Mullahcracy, Obama Backs Murdering Mullahs

3:11 pm: Iran: British embassy staff to be tried. (hat tip Armaros)Is this not an act of war?  The announcement by Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati alarmed European nations and fueled calls for tougher action against Tehran. Britain is pressing for members of the European Union to pull their ambassadors out of Tehran to protest the arrest…

Day 19 Iran Revolution: Supporters of Opposition Hanged

11:52pm: Oppressed peoples of the world unite! Funny — sort of. The Chinese Falun Gong are helping those fighting for liberty in Iran. Regular Atlas readers rememberrepressive Chinese government despises them, persecutes them and harvests their organs. Yes, harvests their organs. CHINESE FALUN GONG HELP IRANIANS BREAK REGIME'S CENSORSHIP Reliapundit ABC-OZ: Computer software invented to…

IRAN: DAY 18 of the Revolution that will not die

Day 19 coverage of the revolution continues here. 10:00 pm: SHOCKA!  They said it was the Jooooooos! Israel's grand Twitter conspiracy. Via NIAC, a major hard-right newspaper in Iran, Kayhan, "reports" that Israel posted 18,000 Twitter messages urging people to complain about voter fraud two days before 9:38 pm: Press TV reports "The killers and…

IRAN: Day 17 Liveblogging the Revolution

7:17 pm: Intelligence Minister says some of the arrested “will not be released.” 2:42 pm: Twitters from Iran are reporting that Iranians are protesting news that Iran’s Guardian Council confirmed the results of the elections. Daneshju Park is full of Basij and special guards and militia forces are being organized in the park 4 dealing…

Pamela Geller, American Thinker: The Case for Iran

I have the lead article at The American Thinker today (and Saturday too!): The Case for Iran: Fighting for Freedom. The ultimate question is what a regime change, or even modification of the regime with a Mousavi as president, would mean to Iran's nuclear program. More It articulates quite clearly my take and thinking on…

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