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[ September 19, 2019 ]


[ September 19, 2019 ]

Swastika Found on Tufts Jewish Student’s Door

[ September 19, 2019 ]

Women’s March Dumps CAIR Terror Spox Zahra Billoo

[ September 19, 2019 ]

Iran imprisons bookshop owner for selling Bible as crackdown on Christianity continues

[ September 18, 2019 ]

Trenton councilwoman Robin Vaughn claims antisemitic slur ‘is a verb,’ demands leak investigation

[ September 18, 2019 ]

American Airlines Muslim Mechanic Who Sabotaged Miami Plane Had ISIS Videos on Phone, Ties to...

[ September 18, 2019 ]

Jihad-Rep Ilhan Omar who Married Her Brother Ilhan Omar Deletes 2013 Post That Revealed Her...

[ September 18, 2019 ]

RINO GOP They’re On the Other Side: GOP Senators Call in Tech Giants to Remove...

[ September 18, 2019 ]

New Blood Libel: “Palestinians” Blame Drug Epidemic on Israel, Jews

[ September 18, 2019 ]

PM Netanyahu to Likud: ‘We will do everything to prevent a dangerous government’


Pamela Geller, American Thinker: Surrendered Nation

Check out my latest oped over at The American Thinker. Nails it. Surrendered Nation Pamela Geller, American Thinker The turkey being served up last Thursday by the ruling elite was the American people. Because she was wearing a panty liner that obscured the screener's view of her genitals, a TSA official subjected a menstruating woman…

Featured Story Big Journalism, Pamela Geller on Obama’s Taqiya

Taqiya: lies to advance Islam [the Muslim method of conquest] Atlas is the featured story over at Big Journalism. Much thanks to Mike Walsh, who is the best editor evuh! Obama has removed Islam from jihad, or jihad from Islam. Next thing you know, he'll be denying the holocaust. Read the whole disgusting thing here,…

Pamela Geller, American Thinker: Is this any way to win a war?

Is This Any Way To Fight A War? Pamela Geller Barack Hussein Obama was finally talking tough last week. More Check out my latest piece in today's American Thinker: Excerpt: The President said this past week in New York City, before the General Assembly of the United Nations, that "we understand the gravity" of the…

Pamela Geller, Newsmax: Obama vs. America

Ex-CIA Directors Push Back Against Obama Sep 21, 2009 According to the Washington Times, seven of the 10 living former CIA chiefs have urged President Barack Obama to overrule Attorney General Eric Holder and not reopen investigations into CIA employees. But whom do they think gave Holder his orders? CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL STORY

Obama Demands We Respect This! Ahmadinejad’s Imam: Islam Allows Raping, Torturing Prisoners

Obama say RESPECT IT!: (he's a stomach turner, alright) Here's  the text and video of his speech to Muslims in Turkey. We seek broader engagement based upon mutual interest and mutual respect. We will listen carefully, we will bridge misunderstanding, and we will seek common ground. We will be respectful even when we do not…

Soros, Shadow POTUS: Soros Behind CIA Witch Hunt?

Could Soros be behind the demonization of the CIA? At his Open Society Institute website he has this blurb about his documentary. This man is evil, but could he possibly have this much influence on Obama? I say, yes. Subject: OSI-Supported Documentary on Torture and Accountability Debuts | Open Society Institute (hat tip Debbie F)…

Pamela Geller, Newsmax: America-Hating Obama Goes After CIA

America-Hating Obama Goes After CIA Barack Hussein Obama lied to us. The morally bankrupt Obama administration is yet again going after those who put protecting Americans first. “After months of consideration,” Fox News reported Monday, “Attorney General Eric Holder plans to appoint a special prosecutor to examine allegations that terror suspects were abused at the…

Obama Lied: Will Prosecute CIA Agents Who Interrogated Muslim Terrorists

"This is in many ways an old story," Panetta wrote, saying many of the techniques have already been made public. President Barack Obama has approved creation of a new, special terrorism-era interrogation unit to be supervised by the White House" UPDATE, 2:52 PM: highest number of deaths in the war against the global jihad  month…

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