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[ December 15, 2019 ]

New Jersey Muslim Ahmed A-Hady Arrested in Connection With Mass Murder at Jewish Market in...

[ December 15, 2019 ]

Jihad-President Erdogan bashes Israel, calls on Muslims to unite against the West

[ December 15, 2019 ]

‘Scratching the surface’: Education Department investigation uncovers billions in foreign university funding from hostile nations

[ December 15, 2019 ]

Leaked Document Shows Finland Preparing to Fly Back Islamic State Terrorists

[ December 15, 2019 ]

Schiff: ‘I Had No Idea FBI Was Committing Serious Abuses When I Said All That...

[ December 15, 2019 ]

‘Brazil will move its embassy to Jerusalem’ in 2020 – Open trade office in Jerusalem...

[ December 15, 2019 ]

While in Prison on Terrorism Charges, Federal Inmate Is Convicted of Aiding, Abetting Islamic State...

[ December 15, 2019 ]

Massachusetts Muslim Pleads Guilty to Illegally Taking Thousands Of SECRET Classified National Defense Documents Regarding...

[ December 15, 2019 ]

Conservatives Win Big in UK, Muslims Claim Victim Status

[ December 15, 2019 ]

Muslim “Democrats” Target Multiple Areas For French Municipal Elections


Germany: Veiled Muslim woman screaming “Allahu akbar” attacks police officers with a box-cutter

This is Germany today. What do you think Germany will be like in five years, after Merkel brings in hundreds of thousands, if not millions, more Muslim migrants? “Alleged ‘IS’ Sympathizer attacks police officers in Mülheim”, Deutsche Welle, October 31, 2016: A woman has attacked two police officers with a knife as they entered her…


German Streets Descend into Lawlessness

As Muslim riots break out in Paris, German streets descend into chaos, and it’s what Hillary promises for America, if the ungodly happens and that wretch becomes president. “German Streets Descend into Lawlessness,” by Soeren Kern October 31, 2016: “We are losing control of the streets.” The rape of a ten-year-old girl in Leipzig, the…


SHAMEFUL COWARDICE: Germany capitulates, submits to Turkey’s anger over Armenia vote

In deference to Erdogan, the German government is set to distance itself from the parliamentary resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide. If any country should stand against genocide and creed apartheid, it should be the successors to Nazi Germany. Hitler was inspired by the Armenian genocide. Control of the news past as well as present. Trouble…


Pamela Geller: Merkel, Hell-Bent on Destroying Germany and Europe #Brexit

The UK has one shot — Brexit — no matter how Hitlerian Merkel behaves. “Pamela Geller: Merkel, Hell-Bent on Destroying Germany,” Breitbart News, June 18, 2016: AFP reported Friday that German Chancellor Angela Merkel “urged British political parties to moderate their speech in their campaigns over the Brexit vote, after a popular pro-Europe MP was…


Turkey ENRAGED after Armenian Genocide Vote in Germany

Front page of Turkish newspaper Sozcu. The Turks are enraged at the German parliament’s vote to officially designate the Armenian (and Greek and Assyrian) genocide a genocide. Armenian genocide vote: Turkey vows to take steps in response, recalls ambassador from Germany If any country should declare the wholesale slaughter of millions of Armenian Christians by…


‘There is NO place for Islam in our politics’ Shock poll highlights Germany’s rejection of islamization

This is a growing trend — a response to the increasing islamization of Europe and its attendant supremacism, misogyny, Jew-hatred and bigotry. Yesterday, Breitbart published an article I wrote on the same poll results in France: Poll Shows ‘Total Rejection’ of Islam in France Across the Political Spectrum. And still the European elites run roughshod over…


3rd Muslim arrested in Sikh temple blast in Germany

The Sikhs have long been persecuted and oppressed by Muslim supremacists which is why it is particularly despicable to see terror-tied groups like CAIR exploit Sikh persecution as their own. Worse are the Sikh leaders that stand with jihad terror-tied groups like CAIR. Two Muslim teens had “partially admitted” the bomb attack. Police said both…


Muslim migrant melts off wife’s face with boiling oil in cause of Islamic honor

“Scarred forever to restore her husband’s honor.” Islam in Germany. The wonder of “multiculturalism in the West.” Where are the feminists? Probably at a “Welcome Refugees” demo. “Muslim migrant melts off wife’s face with boiling oil,” WND, March 10, 2016 (thanks to Claude): ‘I wanted to show her that I am not weak!’ When Homa,…


Spring to bring fresh surge of Muslim migrants, Europe not ready for them: Germany expects 500,000

Germany will take in 500,000 more Muslim migrants this year, if not more. It’s a catastrophe — young European women are the booty in this war. We are witnessing the self-destruction of an entire continent, not slow and sure, but in one fell swoop. Spring could bring a fresh surge of refugees. But Europe isn’t…


University President: ‘German Children Need To Learn Arabic’

There it is. Any rational person looking at the future would have thought the backward, savage Middle East, would, in time, look more modern — more like Western countries. Who would have imagined that Europe would morph into the Middle East. Ghastly. The president of Kühne Logistics University calls the mandatory Arabic proposal “keeping up with…


Pamela Geller in Breitbart News: Europe’s Civil War Breaks Out: The Battle for Stockholm’s Train Station

Read my latest, just up at Breitbart, and share it on Facebook, Reddit, etc., tweet it, email it. Educate those in your sphere of influence. “Geller: Europe’s Civil War Breaks Out: The Battle for Stockholm’s Train Station,” By Pamela Geller, Breitbart News, January 31, 2016: In an event that may very well be the spark…

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