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[ July 18, 2019 ]

The Jihad ‘Squad’ Aims to Guillotine the Democratic Old Guard

[ July 18, 2019 ]

HP discriminating against Franco-Israelis

[ July 18, 2019 ]

SHOCKING VIDEO: Google Expert at Senate Hearing: 15 Million 2020 Votes At Risk, Manipulating Voters...

[ July 18, 2019 ]

Top 22 ways Israel aided Africa in last three years

[ July 18, 2019 ]

Muslims Execute 4 Christians Executed for Wearing Cross Necklaces in Burkina Faso

[ July 18, 2019 ]

Nurse killed by Muslim ex-boyfriend because she refused to convert to Islam

[ July 18, 2019 ]

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says Donald Trump’s ‘divisive comments’ have no place in society

[ July 18, 2019 ]

‘I am legally married to one and culturally to another’: How Ilhan Omar desperately tries...

[ July 18, 2019 ]

Muslims rape, stone 60-year-old Christian woman to death

[ July 18, 2019 ]

WATCH: President Trump Brings Up Ilhan Omar’s Marriage Her Brother


Big Journalism Featured Article:
Media Capitulation: If Juan Williams is Fair Game…

Check out my latest at Breitbart's Big Journalism — here's an excerpt: Media Capitulation: If Juan Williams Is Fair Game…… Pamela Geller, Big Journalism I am grateful for this high-profile incident. Much like with the Ground Zero mosque affair, Americans have suddenly become aware of something quite terrible — a sea change, a profound transformation…


Muslim Brotherhood Congressman Keith Ellison Smears Juan Williams as “Un-American”

The Muslim Brotherhood's man in Congress is calling a black American a "bigot" and "un-American," twisting the very definition of "American" to some perverted idea of sharia. This from an organization whose stated aim is "eliminating and destroying Western Civilization from within." America, pay attention! The traitors who walk among us are removing their masks….


Pamela Geller, Big Journalism: Wilders Trial, Free Speech Is Also On Trial

Check out my latest oped in Big Journalism: In Wilders Trial, Free Speech Is Also On Trial Pamela Geller, Big Journalism In what can only to be described as a throwback to the seventh century, Dutch Parliamentarian and anti-jihad warrior Geert Wilders was back in court Monday on specious “hate speech” charges filed by a…


FOX Business TV Appearance: Geller on the Dove Church Qur’an Burning

My position on the Koran burning in Florida by a whacko church aligned with the vile anti-military, anti-semitic Westboro Church that defiles the funerals of our honored fallen soldiers: 1. This church's plan to burn the Qur'an does a grave disservice to the cause of spreading awareness about Islamic teachings and the threat that Sharia…


Pamela Geller, Human Events: Pelosi vs Free Speech

Check out my oped in today's Human Events addressing Pelosi's attack on free speech and free thought. Our founding fathers gave political speech the greatest protection of all, to protect us from ….. thugs like Pelosi. These are dangerous times, my friends. threat to “investigate those opposing the mosque” at Ground Zero is indicative of…

Pamela Geller, American Thinker: Fighting for Free Speech in Detroit

American Thinker has my latest piece on the battle for free speech playing out in a Detroit courtroom: Read the whole thing here: Fighting for Free Speech in Detroit Pamela Geller, American Thinker When I tried to put ads on Detroit buses offering help to Muslims threatened by their families or communities for leaving Islam…

Paypal Cuts Off Atlas: Truth is the New Hate Speech

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Disinformation: The Washington Post and The AP Lie By Omission, Whitewashing CAIR

Journalism is dead in the corrupt and useless mainstream media. The Washington Post did a piece on CAIR's attack on free speech and truth. AP reporter Erik Schelzig contacted me for comment on CAIR's lies and slander. Here is what I wrote to Schelzig. Not one word of my statement made it into the WaPo…

Islamic Free Speech Attack: Un-indicted Co-Conspirator, Hamas-Tied CAIR Demands Tennessee Tea Party Convention Cancel Pamela Geller

dropping me from the Tea Party convention this weekend. Contact them and let them know what you think. This is all about the mosque. And I spoke the truth here. The grand jihadist Muslim Brotherhood at CAIR know what that means. It will be the icon, the rally call for every devout Muslim and jihadist…

SIOA Free Speech Victory in the News and a Dhimmi Media: Free Speech in the Age of JIhad

Let's have a look at the SIOA victory in the media. The dhimmis in big media won't touch it, but they'll run un-indicted co-conspirator, hamas-tied, Muslim Brotherhood front CAIR's propaganda unedited and unqualified. It is galling how the free (but shackled) press assumes their freedoms will always be there when forces of evil are working…

SIOA: Victory for Free Speech — Religious Liberty Bus Ads Restored to Miami Buses

On the Wall Street Journal Marketwatch: SIOA applauds end to ‘campaign of hatred and intolerance’ MIAMI, April 21 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Freedom Defense Initiative (FDI) and Stop the Islamization of America (SIOA) today announced that Miami-Dade Transit is restoring bus advertisements in defense of religious freedom that had been taken down after an anti-free speech…


Leaving Islam Ads on the road again! I am thrilled to report that the legal matter with Miami Dade Transit has been settled. Not only will FDI and SIOA's buses be going back up, but another twenty will be added to the original buy and rolling down the sweet streets of Collins Avenue. This is…

Pamela Geller, Human Events: Free Speech Denied In Miami

Don't miss my piece today in Human Events on the suppression of free speech in Miami: Free Speech Denied In Miami by Pamela Geller Bus ads pulled for being "offensive to Islam." In an outrageous denial of free speech rights, Miami-Dade Transit last week forced the removal of a “Leaving Islam” ad campaign on Miami…

Jaweed Kaleem Shills for Un-indicted Co-Conspirator, Hamas-Tied CAIR: Suppresses Free Speech

Miami-Dade Transit says NO! Offensive to Muslims! Miami-Dade Transit says YES! Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad as Muslim prophets — not offensive to Jews and Christians! And the hits keep coming …………Jaweed Kaleem continues to shill for CAIR in his latest hit piece on the bus campaign and SIOA. Join SIOA today —…

FDI SPEAKER SPOTLIGHT: Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Austria, Activist
FDI CPAC EVENT: Jihad, The Political Third Rail

Freedom  Defense Initiative – register here Help make it happen – contribute. Our inaugural event for FDI is fast approaching, February 19th  — and if you haven't registered or made it your business to get your infidel ass to CPAC for this totally non-CPAC event, then you are still  hopeless. The infiltration is so vast…

CENSORSHIP: Google Blocking “Negative” Searches Related to Islam

Google is blocking "negative" searches related to Islam. Free thought, free will, free men? Only for left-o-fascists. Notice how quick Google is to scrub jihad websites, videos, and incitement to violence? Of course you haven't, because they don't. Google-owned you tube runs all the jihad porn, but if patriots get out of line, their vids…

Pamela Geller, Human Events: Silencing Free Speech

Excerpt: Nonie Darwish, the executive director of Former Muslims United and author of Cruel And Usual Punishment: The Terrifying Global Implications of Islamic Law, was scheduled to speak at Columbia and Princeton last week, but both events were canceled under pressure from Muslim groups on campus. Darwish, a soft-spoken ex-Muslim and daughter of an Islamic…

Pamela Geller, American Thinker: Free Speech Silenced at Columbia and Princeton

Free Speech Silenced at Columbia and Princeton Pamela Geller A shocking cave-in. Excerpt (read it all): Cowards. Pathetic cowards. Haven't these Ivy League know-nothings done their homework? Have they studied Islam? Jihad? Have they read Dr. Andrew Bostom's The Legacy of Jihad and his Legacy of Islamic Anti-Semitism? Here is something they don't know: Sohaib…

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