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[ November 19, 2019 ]

Indiana: Democrat Mayor Arrested by FBI in Corruption Probe

[ November 19, 2019 ]

Students Walk Out Triggered by Sight of Chick-fil-A Truck

[ November 18, 2019 ]

France shuts down 15 mosques linked to jihad-terror in 15 neighborhoods

[ November 18, 2019 ]

Terror-Tied CAIR’s Goal: 30 Jew-Hating Jihadis into Congress

[ November 18, 2019 ]

Judea/Samaria (West Bank) settlements not illegal, undoing Obama’s historic antisemitic policy shift

[ November 18, 2019 ]

Pelosi Scraps Presumption Of Innocence: Trump Needs To Prove He Is Innocent

[ November 18, 2019 ]

WATCH: Jordanian TV Host: We Want To Gouge Out The Jews’ Eyes

[ November 18, 2019 ]

Turkey Spied on U.S. Residents in America Using D.C.-Based Law Firm

[ November 18, 2019 ]

University of Toronto Student Union Kosher Food Drive Violates “Will of the Membership”

[ November 18, 2019 ]

Obama stooge and imeachment cover-up star witness Marie Yovanovitch admits Obama admin prepped her on...

France pays Jizya

It’s hard to feel sorry for these suicidal maroons. French politicians subsidize Islamist Groups, Story here, France-Echos : le blog in English via Warblog French elected representatives have, in their pitiful run for votes, made subsidies available for declared enemies of the French Republic through associations, radio stations or “school support” groups. The beneficiaries of…

France: Halimi’s Murder Diabolique and Israel’s Silence

France is dead, long live the era of the living dead. Blood suckers.Naomi Ragen wrote me about Ilan Halimi long before reports appeared in the newspapers and the crime was acknowledged as one more Muslim atrocity against Jews. Jewish friends in Paris whispered to her in horror at the sheer barbarism of the crime, in…

Sign Petition to Save the French Jews. Please

To:  US Congress American asylum for French jews, Petition here After the barbaric torture and assassination of a young Jew from Paris, because he was Jewish, in a context of Islamic anti-Semitism rising in this country, more and more members of the French Jewish community are no longer feeling safe. The number of Anti-Semitic acts…

Chirac, We Reap What You’ve Sown

The picture is so surreal and strange, I can’t take my eyes off it. Rubbernecking. It is so dishonest. He is so dishonest. The Jewish quarter in Paris is like the Warsaw ghetto, WWII. House searches produce pro-Palestinian, Salafi documentshere New York SunMr. Chirac, his prime minister and other politicians joined about 1,000 people for…

France: “put a cigarette out on his face because I didn’t like Jews.”

“Did Ilan die because he was Jewish?” Mr. Villepin promised to find out. “We owe you the truth. Indeed we owe it to the entire French nation,” he said. Mr. Villepin, you and the entire French nation owe it to every Jew in the entire world. Unspeakable. The brutal abduction and murder in Paris of…

Murder of Targeted French Jew: “They acted with indescribable cruelty”

My hats off to the French police for capturing the gang targeting French Jews for kidnapping, torture, death. On the flip side, they have my utter contempt for their antisemitic unwillingness to identify it as a hate crime here. The French police arrested late Thursday night most of the members of the gang that abducted,…

Kristallnacht 2005

Today is Kristallnacht Remembrance Day The burned-out synagogue of Aachen, Germany,one of nearly 200 synagogues destroyed during A fireman wipes his eyes as he walks through the rubble of a movie studio in Asnieres-sur-Seine after an overnight fire on the 11th night of violence in suburbs surrounding Paris, November 7, 2005. Dutch news footage caught…

Eurabia: Paris is Burning And you May ask Yourself “How did I get here?”

Eurabia: The Euro-Arab AxisThe historian Bat Ye’or (from a 1991 French interview, published in English translation in 1994) echoed intuitive concerns about Europe’s re-Islamization, and warned more broadly, "I do not see serious signs of a Europeanization of Islam anywhere, a move that would be expressed in a relativization of religion, a self-critical view of…

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