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[ September 20, 2019 ]

France: The High Court condemns political commentator Eric Zemmour for telling the truth about Islamic...

[ September 20, 2019 ]

President Trump’s Approval Rating Surpasses Obama’s, Not Just on Rasmussen Reports

[ September 20, 2019 ]

Jihad-Rep Ilhan Omar Tells Congressional Black Caucus Crowd God ‘Expects’ Them To Vote a Certain...

[ September 20, 2019 ]

Afghanistan’s Taliban tells teachers, students to block presidential elections or risk death

[ September 20, 2019 ]

Alabama Muslim arrested in terrorism probe; said he would kill soldier for Islam

[ September 20, 2019 ]

Trump administration threatens to cut funding from university course for dishonest, pro-Islam discussion of Islam

[ September 20, 2019 ]

New Jersey Muslim Targeted UN, JFK Airport, New York Stock Exchange, Port Authority Bus Terminal,...

[ September 20, 2019 ]

NYC: ‘Defund Hate’ Week Protest Senators and MicroSoft

[ September 19, 2019 ]

DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz Reveals He Referred James Comey For Criminal Prosecution

[ September 19, 2019 ]

Iran: Attack on Saudi oil facilities was ‘a warning’

Jewish teacher in Paris has nose broken, swastika drawn on chest

In the latest in a series of vicious anti-Semitic assaults in France, a Jewish teacher was attacked in Paris on Thursday evening by a gang screaming “Death to the Jews” and “Dirty Jew.”

The teacher was wearing a Jewish skullcap and was exiting a kosher restaurant on Manin Street in Paris’ 19th arrondissement.

‘Dirty Jew, Go Home to Israel:’ Jewish Girl in France Attacked by Muslim Mother and Daughter

A young Jewish woman was recently attacked at a laundromat in a suburb of Lyon, France by a Muslim mother and daughter because she was a Jew. France has a problem. Every country that has a Muslim population of over 10% has imported a hostile, supremacist, violent movement.

This is eerily reminiscent of the monstrous torture and vicious murder of Ilan Halimi.


Muslim gang beat French Jew in Paris train

Four unidentified Arab men savagely beat a French Jew in a Paris Metro train, a watchdog organization reported. And still the Jews deflect, avoid, deny. Look at the headline. “Arab” men. The geography has nothing to do with why these Muslims beat this poor Jewish guy up. It’s strictly ideology. Islamic Jew-hatred – it’s in the quran.


Convert brothers to Islam call for jihad in France

During their 12-minute appeal for holy war in French the two wispy-bearded young men wearing camouflage fatigues brandish Kalashnikovs as they urge President Hollande to embrace Islam and withdraw troops from Mali. The people of France are upset. Now? Where were they when Muslims were burning tens of thousands of cars? Where were they when…


Attacks on Jews soar 82% in France

French Jewish Leader: “The Number of Anti-Semitic Acts Has Exploded” “Far from raising awareness, the attacks in Toulouse and Sarcelles were followed by a dramatic increase in anti-Semitic attacks,” the report stated. Of course, the Muslims are emboldened by the depraved and coldblooded attacks of Islamic Jew-hatred. Contrary to the Muslim lies of Muslim Brotherhood…


#Savage Muslims Brutally Assault Jewish Students Outside Paris School, Threaten to Push Them In Front of Trains “Like We Did In Gaza”

Vile and vicious. The savages in France. This is not new. Ilan Halimi, Toulouse….. Islamic Jew-hatred, it's in the quran. But it's our anti-jihad ads that are the problem. Jewish pupils attacked outside school in Paris JTA November 22, 2012 (JTA) — Students and faculty of a predominantly Jewish school near Paris have reported two…


French Minister warns of hundreds of #savage jihadists

Where are the voices of condemnation from leftwing rabbis, the political elites, the compromised Pastors, and media shills? French Minister Warns of “Hundreds” of Homegrown Islamist Terrorists Algemeiner, October 11, 2012 Following the arrest of a terror cell responsible for planning and executing a grenade attack on a Jewish store in Sarcelles, France, earlier this…


Parlez-vous le jihad?

The blowback of these accurate, dead-on ads is indicative of just how pervasively the blasphemy laws under the sharia have already been imposed on Western countries. This story is not just national, it's all over Europe. France 24 reporting: I have no idea what they are saying, but you get my point. Une campagne islamophobe…


Jihad in France

Hey, it's in the quran. Islamic Jew-Hatred. Obama say, "respect it!"  Gatestone Institute: “According to the National Bureau of Vigilance against Anti-Semitism (BNVCA), nearly four hundred physical attacks against Jews occurred in France in 2011 — more than one a day. Moreover, Sammy Ghozlan, President of BNVCA, states that the number of attacks that have…


Jewish and Israeli students attacked by Muslim thugs at Toulouse university event

Always the same chant, always the same hate, always the same Islamic sanction of Jew-hatred. 1,400 years of “Khaybar Khaybar ya Yahud, Jaysh Muhammad sawfa ya’ud” (Khaybar, Khaybar, O Jews, the army of Muhammad will return).’ ….when modern-day jihadists invoke Khaybar, they are doing much more than just recalling the glory days of Islam and…


The Obin report

When I went to Paris back in 2005 to visit with an old friend who lived there, I visited the Jewish day schools. I was struck by the fences, the gates, the fortress-like apparitions surrounding the schools. It stuck out in pretty Paree. It reminded me of the schools constantly under attack in Sderot in…



Loving this — The whole thing is in French here, n'est–ce pas? (hat tip Dai Vai) Le cas de zombie Muhammad : Pamela Geller et Ezra Levant discutent de l’application de la charia en Pennsylvanie CLIQUEZ SUR L’IMAGE POUR VISIONNER LA VIDÉO Offusqué de voir Ernest Perce déguisé en zombie Muhammad lors d’une parade de…


French Senate passes Armenian Genocide law

  The French Senate passed a genocide law. The bill makes it a criminal offence to deny that Turks committed genocide against Armenians. I don't believe in criminalizing free speech, but I do believe in the recognition of the islamic genocide against the Armenian Christians. Denying Islamic annihilationism is a crime against humanity. Everybody ….. …


Islamic Supremacism in Christian Schools

File this under "what were they thinking?" Look at 1,400 years of Islamic expansionism, supremacism and imperialism, and what did they think would happen? Look at the Middle East — once entirely Christian, now entrely Islamic save for the tiny Jewish state. What did they think would happen? Look at Europe today. What did they…

Atlas EXCLUSIVE Nidra Poller: “I killed my Jew” Part II

"I killed my Jew," by the extraordinary journalist Nidra Poller,  an expat living in Paris for decades. Atlas readers are familiar with Sébastien Selam, a popular disc jockey at a hot Parisian night club called Queen. The young man known as DJ Lam C (a reverse play on his surname) left the apartment he shared…

EXCLUSIVE Nidra Poller: “I killed my Jew” — Will the Muslim who Brutally Mutilated and Murdered Sébastien Selam ever go on trial?

Nidra Poller's stunning indictment of institutionalized Jew hatred is Pulitzer worthy (when that meant something). Poller returns to her seminal reportage of French injustice, hypocrisy and urbane savagery in the case of Sébastien Selam. Atlas readers are familiar with Sébastien; his brutal murder foreshadowed another unspeakable Muslim killing in France,  Ilan Halimi. Sébastien Selam was…

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