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[ May 26, 2019 ]

Le Pen WINS, beats President Macron in France as freedom parties gain in EU vote

[ May 26, 2019 ]

Muslim boy taught to shoot at Jews – “the enemy” in special Ramadan TV series

[ May 26, 2019 ]

Federal judge who blocked Trump’s border wall donated $20K to Obama

[ May 26, 2019 ]

Huge Protest Jihad-Rep Ilhan Omar at Designated Terror-Group CAIR “Fundraiser”

[ May 26, 2019 ]

Christian persecution ‘at genocide levels,’ media maintains sharia-compliant silence

[ May 26, 2019 ]

Islamic Court Acquits Two Muslims Convicted of Burning Christian Couple to Death in Pakistan

[ May 26, 2019 ]

Swedish Government wants to ban ancient Viking symbols, claiming they “constitute incitement to hatred”

[ May 26, 2019 ]

Crimes during Ramadan 2019 – day 21: Jihadis kill 2007, wound 1177

[ May 25, 2019 ]

Memorial Weekend Cinema: From Here to Eternity

[ May 25, 2019 ]

How the shrieking harpy party was calmed by thoughts of the Holocaust


Media and Muslim Leaders Warn of “Islamophobia” in Wake of Islamic Mass Murder at Charlie Hebdo Magazine

Photo: Crowds forming in Paris in a demonstration of solidarity #JeSuisCharlie In the hours following the attack, jihadist sympathizers sent a flurry of tweets praising the operation What’s it going to take? French jihadists open fire in a well-orchestrated, well-planned attack on the editorial offices of a magazine and slaughter 12 in cold-blood, the latest…


Pamela Geller, WND Column: U.S. mosque attack twist: Perp is a Muslim

Check out my column this week: DEFENDING THE WEST U.S. mosque attack twist: Perp is a Muslim Exclusive: Pamela Geller exposes ‘more faked hate,’ still no media mea culpa A mosque in Fresno, California, was vandalized on Christmas Day. The vandal broke windows and poured bleach on an American flag. Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer…


Faked Hate: New FBI hate crime stats show yet again that claims about “Islamophobia” are false

The latest FBI statistics are out, and they prove, yet again, what a myth “islamophobia” really is. The fact is that “islamophobia” is a device designed to crush any criticism of Islam. It is the knee-jerk response to jihad carnage — victimizing the victim. Islamic supremacists and their leftist shills now decry “islamphobia” during Islamic…

In wake of Ottawa shootings, Police Chiefs send letters to Muslim leaders inviting Muslims to contact them if they fear “backlash”

In the wake of every horrific jihad attack comes the predictable, pathetic follow-up attack in the information battle-space. “Backlash-o-phobia” — the irrational fear of a backlash that never happens, but it changes the dialogue. And that’s the point — putting the victims of jihad on the defensive, again. The mainstream media and law enforcement step…

Another Faked Hate Hoax: Viral video showing NYPD cop profiling Muslims is staged intended to smear police and stop counter-terror efforts

Further proof of the faked hate scam advanced by Islamic supremacist groups and terror-tied orgs like Hamas-CAIR. Charges of “islamophobia” on the heels of Islamic terrorist attacks are a secondary jihad. Sharia enforcement — “no criticism of Islam” in concert with the sharia’s war on the truth. This Muslim video hoax to smear and libel…

Muslim leaders demand Obama “overhaul,” “retrain” all U.S. law enforcement exposed to jihadic doctrine and “disciplinary action” for those “responsible” for counter jihad materials

As jihadists wage bloody and violent war across the Middle East and Africa, the response of American Muslims and their leaders is not to protest and denounce jihadic doctrine and develop programs to insure young Muslims do not join the Islamic army. No, their response is to demand to disarm law enforcement and counter terror…

Hamas-CAIR: American Freedoms Make US Muslims “Uncomfortable”

Of course it does. Islamic law and freedom are thoroughly irreconcilable. One is freedom, the other submission. The translation of Islam is submission. If Muslims are so “uncomfortable,” why come here? To destroy freedom, which is Hamas-CAIR’s Islamic mission by objective. That is Islam — spread by the Quran and the sword. The Coptic Christians…

Pamela Geller, WND: US Muslim professor teaches ‘Islamophobia’ course

A student enrolled at the University of California at Berkeley, who along with 100 kids in his class is being forced to tweet on “Islamophobia” as a requirement in a course on that subject called “De-Constructing Islamophobia and the History of Otherness.” This “course” is taught by a notorious anti-Semitic, terror-supporting professor, Hatem Bazian.It’s not islamophobia, it’s islamorealism.

Vicious Muslim Supremacist Professor at Berkeley demands students tweet on “Islamophobia” for course credit

The Nazi-like march of Islamic supremacists into influential positions of power in media, politics and academia hit a new low this week. Tarek Fatah received a panicked message from a student enrolled at the University of California Berkeley.

He wrote: “I’ve been told by one of my professors I will be required, as part of my grade, to start a Twitter account and tweet weekly on Islamophobia. I can’t help but feel this is unethical. This is his agenda not mine.”

The professor conducting this exercise was Hatem Bazian as part of a course titled, “Asian American Studies 132AC: Islamophobia”.


Pamela Geller WND Column: Blood libel on O’Reilly

Check out my Wednesday column on my calling out Michael Ghouse's vicious, destructive libel. It gives the background and pertinent details. DEFENDING THE WEST Blood libel on O'Reilly Exclusive: Pamela Geller gets chance to confront her accuser on Fox Laura Ingraham filled in for Fox News Channel’s Bill O’Reilly recently. In one of the segments,…


FBI Contradicts Hamas-CAIR: No Wave of Anti-Muslim Hate Crime

The real hate crimes are being committed by devout Muslim jihad terrorists around the world every day: over 20,000 jihad attacks since 9/11, each one with the imprimatur of a Muslim cleric. The FBI’s latest statistics give the lie yet again to the victimhood-mongering of Hamas-CAIR, which by claiming that there has been a wave…


Vicious Muslim rapist/child sex trafficker: “my only crime was to be Muslim”

Ah, the pertpetual myth of Muslim victimhood. But Shabir Ahmed is  the ringleader of the Muslim gang that would rape and enslave young non-Muslim schoolgirl teens and tweens. In court yesterday, Ahmed said "‘My only crime was to be Muslim. He is not altogether wrong. Sex slaves are allowed and sanctioned by the Qur'an (men…


Shaima Alawadi’s husband and daughter are back in the country — but why were they allowed to leave in the first place? A million infidels want to know

If you are killing while Muslim in America, apparently different rules apply. Shaima Alawadi died on March 21. It appears increasingly likely that someone in her family was complicit in her murder. They used the hate crime/bigot card to try to frame innocent people. And hate groups like Hamas-CAIR, #OWS Occupy, ISNA, etc. jumped on…


Framing Geller and Spencer For Murder

Framing Geller and Spencer For MurderBy Robert Spencer Shaima Alawadi, murdered in her home, and for awhile, it was the fault of Pamela Geller and me. A hijab-wearing mother, in death Alawadi quickly became much more prominent than she had ever been in life. Paired with Trayvon Martin, she was made into the symbol of…


Salon tries to save face: Shaima Alawadi murder not a hate crime, but we’ll promote this ficticious narrative anyway, you racistislamophobicantimuslimbigots!

It was the pro-sharia rhetoric of Resa Aslan and Hamas groups like CAIR, ISNA, ICNA, MSA, MSU et al that aided in the killing of and subsequent cover-up of Shaima Alawadi. Her blood is on their hands. First and primarily because they support and sanction the brutal and misogynistic sharia (i.e. honor killings, forced marriage,…

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