Dutch government RETURNED Yezidi ISIS sex slave to Iraq but grants permits to Muslim migrant criminals

Europe continues to decline and deteriorate under the weight of the hijrah (immigration jihad), due largely to its spineless lack of morality and civilizational self-esteem. Ignoring the terror, mass sex attacks, Islamic supremacism and general chaos that has accompanied the Muslim migration of millions, the elites choose, rather, to persecute those who oppose jihad terror and the victims of Islamic supremacism and violence. Western elites bow to the conquerors and punish their victims.


Pamela Geller, Breitbart News: EU Now Vows to Block Populist Parties

The new reich — read it all. “Pamela Geller: EU Now Vows to Block Populist Parties,” Breitbart News, May 24, 2016: It was reported Tuesday that the European Commission is moving to make sure that their hegemonic hold on European politics isn’t broken by populist parties that want to save Europe from the Muslim migrant…

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