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[ February 25, 2020 ]

Eight elected Democrats announce party switch, join Republican Party

[ February 25, 2020 ]

Iran’s Deputy Health Minister Tests Positive for Coronavirus After Government Tells Citizens Not to Panic

[ February 25, 2020 ]

Romneyite RINOS Will Justify Supporting Bernie Sanders

[ February 25, 2020 ]

City Of Miami Sponsors ‘Anti-Communist Concert’ Following Bernie Sanders’ Indefensible Defense Of Fidel Castro

[ February 25, 2020 ]

Bernie ❤️ Fidel

[ February 25, 2020 ]

WATCH: Indiana Teacher fired for posting article about indoctrination taking place in the schools

[ February 25, 2020 ]

Coroner Retracts Statement in Obama Admin DHS Whistle-blower Phil Haney’s Mysterious Death, Now Being Investigated...

[ February 25, 2020 ]

North Carolina Muslima assaulted air marshal, threatened to ‘stab everyone on the plane. … I’m...

[ February 25, 2020 ]

Crazy Commie Bernie Sanders Plans Huge New Tax Increases, Massive Lawsuits, Military Cuts, Tax on...

[ February 25, 2020 ]

UN study finds 1 in 3 Venezuelans facing hunger


Jihadist Imams in Nashville Infiltrate Vanderbilt University and City Leadership

Exposing jihadist imams in Nashville, TN, who were accepted by the city leadership and the media as "moderates," indoctrinating Vanderbilt University students and Nashville mosque members with extremist anti-American views. Nashville is a gateway city for refugee resettlement — whole Muslim communities are resettled in "gateway" cities like Lewiston, Maine; Shelbyville, Tennessee; St. Cloud, Minnesota;…


Mandatory Arabic Classes in Public School in Texas

In a federally funded program, students will now be required to take Arabic. Mandatory Arabic? Your taxpayer dollars at work to advance Islamic culture. In addition to language, the grant provides "culture, government, art, traditions and history as part of the curriculum." Islamic supremacism on the march in the public square. Mark Steyn discussed this…


AFDI/SIOA Calls on Oregon College to Reinstate Teacher, Repudiate Islamic Supremacist Hate Group CAIR

Over at CNBC: AFDI/SIOA Calls on Oregon College to Reinstate Teacher, Repudiate Islamic Supremacist Hate Group CAIR NEW YORK, Dec. 7, 2010 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — The human rights group Stop Islamization of America (SIOA), a program of the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), today called on Lane Community College of Eugene, Oregon to reinstate…


TiZA, an Islamic Public School, Threatens and Intimidates Witnesses in ACLU Lawsuit

The latest outrage in a textbook case of Islamic supremacism in a taxpayer-funded Islamic school is the thug-like Muslim intimidation and bullying of anyone who challenges this publicly funded madrassah. I have been covering this school since early 2008. This is a "teachable moment" for the ACLU, which has generally refrained from tackling issues of…

Court Rules Against Silver-Tongued Stealth Jihadist Tariq Ramadan, “crapule intellectuelle”

Silver-tongued snake jihadist co-conspirator, Hamas-linked, Muslim Brotherhood-front CAIR Chicago event, of course. He has been speaking across America (check out the absymal failure of his US book tour). Not only did he lose in court, but he has to pay court fees. Islam academic legally dismissed Rotterdam council was within its legal rights when it…

Public Islamic School Most Violent in NY: Everyday Terror at Intifada High School

UPDATE: ATLAS ACTION ALERT – Write, call, email Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York and urge him to close this dangerous, violent school. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg City Hall New York, NY 10007 PHONE 311 (or 212-NEW-YORK outside NYC) FAX (212) 312-0700 E-MAIL: ———————————————————————————————————— The Khalil Gibran Arabic [islamic] School is back in the…

Pamela Geller, Big Government: Americorps, Obama’s Scandal-Plagued Indoctrination Machine

Check out my latest on Obama's thugocracy in Big Government: Americorps, Obama's Scandal-Plagued Indoctrination Machine Pamela Geller, Big Government It’s great to be a prisoner in Obama’s America: you get stimulus dollars, preferential job placement, and a place in AmeriCorps. But if you’re a child in public school, watch out. Obama said he was going to build…

Legal Jihad: Federal Panel Finds Bias in Ouster of “intifada” Principal

They never stop agitating. The failing Islamic public school in Brooklyn is making news again. A federal commission found "bias" in the forced resignation of Dhabah Almontaser, the jihad loving former principal of the Khalil Gibran International Academy in Brooklyn. Please see all of my coverage on the Arab school here. Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for…

Pamela Geller, American Thinker: Free Speech Silenced at Columbia and Princeton

Free Speech Silenced at Columbia and Princeton Pamela Geller A shocking cave-in. Excerpt (read it all): Cowards. Pathetic cowards. Haven't these Ivy League know-nothings done their homework? Have they studied Islam? Jihad? Have they read Dr. Andrew Bostom's The Legacy of Jihad and his Legacy of Islamic Anti-Semitism? Here is something they don't know: Sohaib…

Creepy Omerica – Twelve More Videos Brainwashing Kids at Schools

This is no accident. This is inculcation. It is getting to a point where you are going to have to pull your kids out of school. It's indoctrination. You could not have a picture of President George Bush hung up in schools, remember? That was too controversial.  But this? Grooming O's national socialist youth army….

Ascension of Evil: Obama’s Fist F**king “Safe School Czar” Kevin Jennings

Back in early June, I ran a post on a Kevin Jennings, who had been named Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar.” Kevin Jennings is a vicious choice. Jennings is a a supporter of NAMBLA. His official title is: Assistant Deputy Secretary of the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools at the U.S. Department of Education….

Publicly Funded Islamic Charter School Counter Sues the ACLU for “Defamation”

First let me say that I cheered when the ACLU finally filed a lawsuit in January against a publicly funded Islamic school. The suit "argues the school violates the First Amendment by sharing space with the Muslim American Society of Minnesota, promoting prayer in school and endorsing Muslim clothing rules and dietary practices". It was…

OBAMA APPOINTEE KEVIN JENNINGS: FISTING AND “[F–k] ‘em” to the “Religious Right”

This is sick. (hat tip PC Wild thing) President Obama has appointed Kevin Jennings, founder of GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network) — which sponsored the conference that produced the notorious “Fistgate” scandal (in which young teens were guided on how to perform dangerous homosexual perversions including “fisting”) — to head up “Safe Schools” efforts…

Minnesota Public School Officials Refuse School Prayer

Miley says everyone at that meeting, including parents, agreed that stepping out during class to pray would be disruptive. He says he doesn’t understand why it’s an issue this year. Because the Muslim community is getting stronger. Watch this video and understand More on Somalia Muslims forcing Islam down the throats of Americas, KUDOS to…

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