Pamela Geller, American Thinker: Walls Closing In for Jews at UCLA — and in America

Please go over to The American Thinker and check out my article on the craven cowardice of UCLA administration officials in the face of Nuremberg “petitions” and “ethics”: “Walls Closing In for Jews at UCLA — and in America,” American Thinker Pamela Geller After years of battering and bullying, we have reached a tipping point….

University of Michigan BDS Defeat: Jihad, Jew-hating BDS Posts ‘Overtly Threatening’ Photo to Facebook

The good news is that the Nuremberg-inspired BDS (Boycott, Divest and Sanction the Jewish state) measure was roundly and soundly defeated last night at a contentious (aren’t they always) vote at the University of Michigan. So threatening were the pro-jihad students and agitators that the vote was by secret ballot, so as to ensure that no one would be targeted for revenge. At least one pro-Israel student “received death threats and that others have allegedly been called ‘kikes’ and ‘dirty Jews’” by proponents of the resolution …

Muslim Supremacist Professor at Berkeley Criticized for ‘Indoctrination’ of Students

Another requirement of Bazian’s class, entitled De-Constructing Islamophobia and History of Otherness, is for students to get reactions from “people of color” on ads critical of radical Islam placed by Pamela Geller, author of the blog Atlas Shrugs.

Geller said she believes Bazian is indoctrinating students.

“The very idea that he is surveying ‘people of color’ about my ads is ridiculous and offensive. Jihad terrorism is not a race. The Islamic oppression of women, gays, and non-Muslims is not a race. What has Hatem Bazian ever said or done in defense of the non-Muslim ‘people of color’ who are victimized by Islamic jihadists in Nigeria, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan and elsewhere?” Geller said in an email to the Free Beacon.

Vicious Muslim Supremacist Professor at Berkeley demands students tweet on “Islamophobia” for course credit

The Nazi-like march of Islamic supremacists into influential positions of power in media, politics and academia hit a new low this week. Tarek Fatah received a panicked message from a student enrolled at the University of California Berkeley.

He wrote: “I’ve been told by one of my professors I will be required, as part of my grade, to start a Twitter account and tweet weekly on Islamophobia. I can’t help but feel this is unethical. This is his agenda not mine.”

The professor conducting this exercise was Hatem Bazian as part of a course titled, “Asian American Studies 132AC: Islamophobia”.

Pamela Geller, WND: Institutionalized sexual harassment in U.S. schools

The latest multi-culti, non-gender specific “innovations” at the country’s top universities are “gender-neutral facilities.” Sounds innocent enough, right? Wrong. These gender-neutral facilities are being installed in universities across America. Not small marginal colleges, but major institutions such as NYU. These bathrooms are for both girls and boys. What it means, and what most parents who send their kids to these cesspools for $70,000 a year don’t know, is that these non-gender specific bathrooms have stalls and urinals. Urinals.


Pamela Geller, WND: Indoctrinating for jihad in charter schools

“When news broke of the Boston Marathon jihad bombings, several students defended the attack and expressed concern for the well-being not of the victims, but of the bombers.” DEFENDING THE WEST Indoctrinating for jihad in charter schools Exclusive: Pamela Geller has quotes from insider teacher about ‘The Gulen Movement’ The “Turkish Khomeini,” Fethullah Gulen, lives…


Shocking Jew-hatred at Northeastern University

Islamization of university education: Jew-hating Education at Northeastern University "University tells Muslim services no longer needed" Michael Carl, WND Dismisses chaplain over support for terrorists Apparently, supporting terrorism isn’t approved on some university campuses these days. In a startling development, Boston’s Northeastern University has dismissed jihad-preaching Muslim chaplain Abdullah Faaruuq after video surfaced of Faaruuq…


GW School of Law Professor John Banzhaf is demanding that Catholic University in Washington D.C. remove crosses and Christian symbols so as not to offend Muslims

As colleges and universities continue to make extraordinary accommodation to Muslims on their campuses (i.e. Muslim prayer rooms, foot baths, sharia-compliant curriculum, etc) the war on non-believers widens: "Law Professor John Banzhaf Wants Crosses Removed at Catholic U" J. Christian Adams, PJM, July 28, 2012 George Washington School of Law Professor John Banzhaf is demanding that…


Stealth Islamic Propaganda Shown to Six Million American Students

Larissa Scott of SIOA-Florida has an eye-opening piece in the American Thinker about Islamic propaganda being broadcast into our schools on Channel One. Please contact Larissa directly at if you have children who remember watching these two videos in school last week, on 5/16 and 5/17. Stealth Islamic Propaganda Shown to Six Million American…


VIDEO: Simon Deng speaks at “Islamic Apartheid” Conference at Temple University

Former slave from Sudan and leader of the Freedom movement, Sinom Deng, speaks at "Islamic Apartheid Week," April 23, 2012. David Horowitz Freedom Center and The Students For Intellectual Freedom hosted this conference at Temple University on the evening of April 23, 2012. Simon Deng was enslaved at the age of 9 by Muslims in…


Pamela Geller, Weekly WND Column, Defending the West
“Fighting the fascists at Temple University”

Read my column on fascism in American colleges and universities. The bloodless coup (kicked off by the student rebellion of 1964) is all but complete. The media ignores this putsch because they are part of the cultural revolution to dismantle and destroy the American idea. Fighting the fascists at Temple University Exclusive: Pamela Geller tells…


Muslims Target Over 200 Jewish Students in Pogrom at Florida University, Hamas-CAIR Cries “Backlashophobia!”

Jewish students were targeted by Muslim students at Florida Atlantic University. 200 Jewish students received "eviction notices." Who gave the Muslims the students' names and addresses? Students for Justice in Palestine is a militant Muslim group, virulently anti-Jewish. This century's brownshirts. SJP is one of the founding organizations of the anti-Israel propaganda group known as…


VIDEO Victory: After National Uproar, Fla. Hillsborough School Board Limits Outside Speakers, Hamas-CAIR defeated

The Hillsborough school board met on February 28, concerning the presentations of Hamas-CAIR in our children's classrooms. The parents all wore red and very eloquently expressed their concerns. Supporters of Hassan Shibly also spoke to the board, calling concerned parents the usual names…. In the video, Hezb'allah supporter Hassan Shibly of CAIR  arrogantly spoke to…


Power to the Parents: After Thousands of Complaints, Hillsborough schools to limit outside speakers, i.e. CAIR

Tonight the Hillsborough school board met concerning the presentations of Hamas-CAIR in the children's classroom. The parents all wore red and very eloquently expressed their concerns. Supporters of Hassan Shibly also spoke to the board, calling concerned parents the usual names…. In the second to the last video (to be posted tomorrow), around minute 5,…


Pamela Geller, American Thinker: Harvard Fires Critic of Jihad

Don't miss my American Thinker article today on Harvard's latest capitulation to the Islamic assault on free speech. It's a follow-up to my Human Events piece last week. Harvard Fires Critic of Jihad By Pamela Geller American Thinker December 22 In a crushing blow to academic freedom, Harvard University has censored and fired a prominent professor…

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