Pamela Geller on The Dick Morris Show today at 4:30 pm

I will be appearing on Dick Morris’s radio show at 4:30 pm to discuss this: U.N. to dump flood of Muslim refugees on U.S. Most Americans are unaware that under the “Refugee Resettlement Program,” whole Muslim communites from hostile nations are imported into the United States, circumventing whatever immigration laws that are still intact. This…

MISSING: Passenger Jet Bound for Algeria

But no worries. Obama has banned flights to …. Israel Air Controllers Lose Contact With Air-Algérie Plane Bound for Algiers By NY Times, JULY 24, 2014 PARIS — A jetliner with 116 people onboard disappeared overnight Thursday on a flight across the Sahara from Burkina Faso to Algeria. Air traffic controllers lost contact with the…


New Jersey Churches Attacked, Religious Statues Destroyed, Virgin Mary beheaded, Joseph chopped in half

Two New Jersey churches have been targeted in vicious anti-Christian attacks, mirroring the same attacks and religious statute decapitations in Muslim countries.

This is to be expected, considering the unbridled hate of Christianity in the Muslim world, coupled with the sanctioned scorn of the left (see Sarah Silverman’s latest mockery of Jesus). The Christianophobes hacked off the head of a statue of the Virgin Mary. In addition, the vandals also chopped a statue of Joseph in half at two churches in New Jersey.


Stop the Islamization of America: Maryland Public Pools Enforce Sharia-Muslim Swim, Segregated Swimming

Why do American taxpayers have to subsidize Sharia? This is exactly what I address in my book, Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance. We should protest this imposed sharia by refusing to pay whatever taxes are paying for these public pools. If Muslims refuse to assimilate, let them build their…


Tearing at the Foundations of Civilization

Extraordinary and revealing piece by J. Christian Adams and what looks to me like the Obama administration's secret (or not so secret) race war and complete abandonment of individual rights. Here's an excerpt, but do read it all: The Mob Tears at the Foundations of Civilization in London and America J. Christian Adams Consider the…

Obama’s Stone Age

Another radical step for Obama, one giant step backward for mankind. The observer cannot help survey current events with a mix of shock and awe and terror. The government continues to place an unfathomable debt on the already broken back of a middle-class nation, a debt so immense on its face that it is impossible…


The lovely Orit Sklar was at the CNN center in Atlanta, covering the Jew hating  jihad. You can cover up honey but you can’t hide ……….. JEWISH BLOOD LIBEL. UH, WRONG…. Islamic honor killings are murdering your daughters ….hellooo Amina and Sarah Said, murdered a year ago  on New Year’s by their terrorist father in Texas….

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