Khizr Khan’s story that his travel privileges were “restricted” falls apart

For a guy who took out a pocket Constitution at the Democrat convention and waved it around as if he knew what was in it while accusing Trump of never having read it, this demonstration of a towering ignorance of a citizen’s constitutional rights when it comes to foreign travel delegitimizes everything Khan has ever criticized about Trump.


Dhimmi TV: Why They Blew Up “Homeland”

For those of us who have been watching Homeland for years, the new season is like a really bad acid trip. Homeland was the only show that addressed the third rail in the entertainment business — jihad. If, say, a time-traveler were to assess the life and this era and the realities of living in it, jihad and sharia would be non-existent. It was never like this — the Nazis, the Japanese, even the Viet Cong …


Court docs: Motion for summary judgment in AFDI free speech case against Seattle

Here are the documents our world-class legal team at the American Freedom Law Center has just filed in our lawsuit challenging the sharia enforcement and denial of our free speech rights by Seattle authorities who are actually claiming that a poster depicting the FBI’s most wanted criminals is disparaging to Muslims because all the most wanted criminals are Islamic jihad terrorists.

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