Proselytizing for and whitewashing Islam in…Teen Vogue

Teen Vogue is just that: a magazine for teenage girls. Articles featured on its front page today include “Justin Bieber and Sam Smith Are Already Listening to Tori Kelly’s New Album, and You Should Be, Too”; “The 35 Coolest Back-to-School Backpacks”; “7 Desserts That Require No Baking At All”; “The Complete Guide to Washing Your…


The “Rampaging” Hollywood Reporter

Here’s an article from the Hollywood Reporter. It is typically Hollywoodish, using rampage to describe me and my work — “to rush around in a violent and uncontrollable manner.” Actually that’s what jihadists do. No surprise…..it’s Hollywood, after all. But it is a Q & A, so while Mr. Bond of the Hollywood Reporter was…

Cultural Jihad: The Norming of Severed Heads

Photo: A militant Islamist fighter uses a mobile to film his fellow fighters taking part in a military parade along the streets of Syria’s northern Raqqa province June 30, 2014. Here is an article from [al]-Reuters waxing poetic about savages engaging in social media, twitter banter and the coolness of jihad. This is the low…

NYU Professors Blame Jews for Stereotyping Muslims

The norming  of Jew-hatred. Cultural jihad in the information battle-space. Professors Ghareeb and Jack Shaheen of NYU tell us that Muslims have an image problem in media and entertainment because of the Jews. They’re NYU professors …  so it must be true — the wholesale slaughter of Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and Jews notwithstanding. The honor killings,…

Hollywood’s New Islamophobia Craze!

All the cool kids are doing it! Hollywood celebs are in an islamophobic uproar over the Sultan of Brunei’s implementation of sharia law. Queues of limousines and crowds of photographers are usually the main obstacle to getting into the Beverly Hills Hotel, but since the owner introduced fundamentalist laws to the state he rules, protesters…

Pamela Geller, Breitbart: CAIR Bullies ABC into Canceling Show About US Teen Kidnapped by Saudis

CAIR wrote to ABC Family that it was “concerned about the negative impact this program could have on the lives of ordinary Arab-American and American Muslims.”

What gives folks a negative impact are the daily acts of jihad across the world and the daily news reports of American Muslims caught plotting to wage jihad here or abroad. There is nothing in the media or the culture, or on ABC or NBC that would give Americans a “negative impact.” ABC is not responsible for the violence against the Copts in Egypt, the Christians in Nigeria, the Buddhists in Thailand, the Jews in Israel, the marathoners in Boston, etc. Reality provides the negative.

Hamas-CAIR Bullies and Threatens ABC over TV show about U.S. teen kidnapped by Saudis

Cultural jihad. Hamas-CAIR is trying to bully ABC into scrubbing/whitewashing a benign TV pilot because it might not portray jihadists as all sweetness and light.

Why doesn’t Hamas-CAIR bully the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to stop kidnapping Christian girls and forcibly converting them to Islam? Real life girls. Why doesn’t Hamas-CAIR bully and intimidate the thousands of ……


New Jersey Churches Attacked, Religious Statues Destroyed, Virgin Mary beheaded, Joseph chopped in half

Two New Jersey churches have been targeted in vicious anti-Christian attacks, mirroring the same attacks and religious statute decapitations in Muslim countries.

This is to be expected, considering the unbridled hate of Christianity in the Muslim world, coupled with the sanctioned scorn of the left (see Sarah Silverman’s latest mockery of Jesus). The Christianophobes hacked off the head of a statue of the Virgin Mary. In addition, the vandals also chopped a statue of Joseph in half at two churches in New Jersey.


Pamela Geller, Breitbart: Cultural Jihad: Hollywood Documentary to Mock ‘Islamophobes’

Check out my latest at Breitbart: Cultural Jihad: Hollywood Documentary to Mock 'Islamophobes' Pamela Geller, Breitbart Politico reported Monday that “two comedians are tackling the sensitive topic of Islamophobia in the way they know best: laughter.” The article, entitled “Film tackles Islamophobia with humor,” puffs up Negin Farsad and Dean Obeidallah, "the co-directors of ‘The…


‘Brand X’ Inquisitr

The Inquistr made a very cool challenge to Russell Brand and his booker, who describes me as a "professional anti-Muslim bigot who sees jihad under every hijab." The booker, Charles Davis, is an employee of Code Pink and writes for al-Jazeera. Ya think Brand had an agenda? "Russell Brand Savages Pamela Geller On His New…


NYC: Taxpayer-Funded Children’s Museum to Hold Muslim Program

"Thousands of years of cultural heritage that has come from the Muslim world." Will the Children's Museum of Manhattan have exhibits on the hundreds of millions of victims of over a millennium of jihadi wars, land appropriations, cultural annihilations and enslavements? Will it have video on the over 18,000 Islamic jihad attacks since 911, each…


Hamas-tied Group CAIR Threatens Lowes

Hamas-linked CAIR is on a jihad against Lowes. And the sharia compliant media is only to eager to serve. Notice how much press the un-indicted co-conspirator, Muslim Brotherhood group, CAIR, is getting over "All American Muslim" advertiser withdrawal. Why does big media endorse and legitimize subversive Hamas-tied jihadist groups? Where are the counter-jihad voices? This…


Pamela Geller on Sun TV with Ezra Levant

If you get SUN TV, the cutting edge news channel in Canada, try and catch my appearance on Ezra Levant's television show, Maryland, Oregon, New York, universities like Harvard and George Washington, and now Canada, too. Your taxpayer dollars being used to fund the impostion of sharia in public facilities. This is part of the…

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