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[ February 19, 2020 ]

WATCH: Awesome moment from the Trump rally in Phoenix

[ February 19, 2020 ]

Muslim child rape/sex trafficking gang Grooming gang jailed for ‘systematic’ sexual abuse of Huddersfield schoolgirls

[ February 19, 2020 ]

Arabic is first language in six of nine preschools in iconic Swedish town

[ February 19, 2020 ]

Latino Support for Trump Is Real And that’s a problem for Democrats

[ February 19, 2020 ]

Crazy Bernie’s Middle East Nightmare: US Must Support Genocidal Terrorist Groups and World’s Largest State...

[ February 19, 2020 ]

Hillary Fingerprints All Over FBI’s Investigation Into Trump’s Russia Ties

[ February 19, 2020 ]

Groups camping outside coliseum more than a day before Trump rally in Phoenix

[ February 19, 2020 ]

A Ballot-Initiative to Move Some Eastern Oregon Counties to Idaho Is Actually Gaining Some Traction

[ February 19, 2020 ]

Democrat-Backed ‘New Way Forward’ Bill Would ‘Gut the Rule of Law’, It’s Insanity

[ February 19, 2020 ]

France Sees Average of 120 Knife Attacks Per Day


I am proud and excited to announce the formation of a new organization, FREEDOM DEFENSE INITIATIVE (FDI). Robert Spencer and I have joined forces to create a proactive, in your face organization that will get things done. This has been in my mind for some time, and while it took longer than I would have…

CPAC: WILDERS ON FIRE: “It felt like a revival meeting”

The ballroom was electrified. We turned a corner Friday night. Something really big happened. Something historic. In the face of a complacent, lethargic Conservative leadership, we seized the moment. The individual took up the mantle for the freedoms we hold so dear. It was the first blog event of this kind and its astounding success…


Wilders took America by storm. I will have the video, pictures and speeches up by tonight of our event Friday. You must watch the event and send it to everyone. Wilders brought down da hous. Also, the latest polls show that Wilders' party is the biggest party in the Netherlands. Check out the notoriously hostile…


I have much stuff to load, report and opine on. Last night's evening with Wilders was electrifying. Stunning. The packed house was wild for him. SRO and we had to turn folks away. I will be introducing David Horowitz at CPAC at 3 pm Eastern Standard time so I should be on the live feeds…


This is almost comic. Three in four mosques preach hate and anti-Western extremism, and un-indicted co-conspirator CAIR is calling out the FBI on basic security measures? And notice how MSNBC doesn't identify CAIR with its call letters. Neither do they point out CAIR's terror ties, or that CAIR was named an un-indicted co-conspirator in the…

Bolton and Wilders

This is our future. Not what the leftist islamists and the spineless conservatives are serving up cold. The most important tête à tête at CPAC. We discussed freedom of speech, the deteriorating situation in Sarajevo and Kosovo (bad and getting worse), the worsening situation in Europe, and Wilders' legal case in The Netherlands. Two of…

CPAC Musings: Atlas’s Perch

Hating leaving CPAC yesterday but real life insists. As for the CPAC experience there is nothing like being in a well established hotel, bar right, with thousands of like minded souls. The conservative movement is very much in sync. The palpable excitement and headiness of the convergence were quickly dashed when Romney exited stage right….

I thought Ann was great

Watch her video here. But she’s wrong. We can’t vote for Obama (and it’s going to be Obama). We’ve got to vote for the Republican. That’s a fact. We are still mopping up after  Dhimmi Carter – actually it’s worse now because the fruit from his poison tree is in full flower. Four bad Presidential…

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