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[ August 17, 2019 ]

WATCH! Pamela Geller Speaks to New York Republicans Club, Hamas-CAIR’s Epic FAIL

[ August 17, 2019 ]

Guardian Trots Out 8-Year-Old Big Lie to Defame Geller, Spencer, and Other Foes of Jihad...

[ August 17, 2019 ]

Sanders: If Israel Doesn’t Want Members of Congress Visiting, ‘Maybe They Don’t Want American Money’

[ August 17, 2019 ]

Hundreds Expected at Left-Wing Rally To Support Philly Cop Shooter

[ August 17, 2019 ]

President Trump slams Tlaib’s Grandma hoax, says letter, then refusal to go to Israel ‘a...

[ August 17, 2019 ]

AIPAC breaks with Netanyahu over Omar-Tlaib decision

[ August 16, 2019 ]

Maria by Callas on an open thread

[ August 16, 2019 ]

Devout Muslim sentenced in Knoxville mosque stabbing attack

[ August 16, 2019 ]

Anti-sex trafficking leader praises ICE, Trump: ‘No question’ he’s done more than previous presidents

[ August 16, 2019 ]

Muslim husband, divorces, BEATS Christian Mother after finding her Bible

Un-indicted Co-Conspirator, Hamas-tied CAIR Hails Crushing Defeat of Free Speech in SIOA Miami Bus Campaign

Who will stand for America? Who will fight for freedom of speech, religious freedom, human rights? I thought readers should see the dreck CAIR is sending around in their latest victory in their war on the West and the Constitution. CAIR, un-indicted co-conspirator, Hamas-tied, terror front for the Muslim Brotherhood, delights in taking down America's…

Miami Transit Pulls SIOA “Leaving Islam” Ads: Living Under Sharia

Do not insult Islam Miami Transit has pulled our ads. This is living under sharia (Islamic) law. They are pulling our SIOA ads off the buses in South Florida because they offend Muslims. So Muslims can run bus ads all across America inviting the clueless to convert to Islam, but we cannot make information available…

Terror-Tied CAIR Hosts First US Appearance of Banned, Cold-Blooded Jihadist Tariq Ramadan

No pretense anymore. No pretending. Their man is in the White House and they are going for the throat. Unindicted co-conspirator, Muslim Brotherhood front CAIR (in Obama's Chicago) is hosting the first US appearance of previously banned jihadist Tariq Ramadan. Evil is circling the wagons. In sanctioning Ramadan, the Obama administration presents itself as a…

CAIR Threatens Maine School to Force Muslim Prayer Time

This is Islamic supremacism. Forcing the imposition of Islam on the secular society by the strong arm for the front of the Muslim Brotherhood, unindicted co-conspirator, CAIR. CAIR threatens Lewiston, Maine School District Refugee Resettlement Watch Here we go!  Lewiston, the city that has struggled for years ever since federal government contractors, such as Catholic Charities, chose it as a…

Demand the U.S. Government Investigate Un-indicted co-conspirator Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

      ATLAS ACTION ALERT!!! ATLAS ACTION ALERT !!! ATLAS ACTION ALERT !!! We Call on the U.S. Government to Conduct an Immediate and Thorough Investigation into the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in the Interest of National Security We are GREATLY CONCERNED about past and ongoing activities by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), and…

ADL Stabs Israel’s Staunchest Ally, Geert Wilders, and Jews Along with him Again

Righteous Gentile Geert Wilders, speaking this past weekend in a synagogue. fired those at the ADL that did not go along. Imagine that, a Jew denying genocide. That's a  vile sin. These Jews in name only are traitors. The ADL came out in support of the Islamic school in Brooklyn whose principal was forced to…

CAIR Lashes Out at TYSON, Targets Company

Unindicted co-conspirator CAIR is lashing out at Americans for patriotism and pride. CAIR is frothing at the mouth at Tyson’s submission to …. America. CAIR uses every means necessary to speed the institution of sharia in America. Why don’t they go back to where they got the money from to bring all these lawsuits against…


CAIR-NY URGES SUPPORT FOR NY PUBLIC ARABIC LANGUAGE SCHOOL – (NEW YORK, NY, 8/19/07) – The New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-NY) today called upon Muslim New Yorkers and other people of conscience to participate in a peaceful demonstration in support of the Khalil Gibran International Academy (KGIA), an Arabic language…


CAIR is running ads on Rush and Glenn Beck’s radio shows denouncing terror. If they won’t condemn Hamas and Hezb’llah isn’t this just an empty gesture, a sinister trick? Check out this VIDEO over JihadWatch; CAIR spokesman refuses to denounce Hamas, Hizballah as terrorist groups. Or more precisely, he readily acknowledges that the State Department…


Advantage: Terrorists Air Security: Six imams removed from a passenger jet in November because of their behavior are suing. No surprise there. Still, airlines need to be shielded from lawsuits like this before someone gets killed. Count on CAIR to further jeopardize this great nation and exploit our freedoms. This takes the cake. They are…


And the hits keep coming ………..from LGF Judicial Watch’s Corruption Chronicles blog has a look at Minnesota’s new Democrat Congressman, former Nation of Islam spokesperson Keith Ellison. The first Muslim elected to the United States Congress is a Democrat from Minneapolis with ties to an Islamic group that supports terrorism and a radical cult whose…


America, CAIR wants to dhimmitize your pope. He may not be my religious leader, my "pope" but I love him just the same. I was, understandably, disappointed in his position in the Israel/Islamic war. It was a mistake to dismiss Hezb’Allah’s blood lust and murder and to hold Israel up to an impossible standard (both…

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