British Ban now International Incident

Twitter is blowing up (no pun intended) and freedom lovers started this petition. Sign it. Here’s some of the new coverage — how the media struggles with what to call us. Pathetic. IBTimes.co.uk   Washington Post   The Guardian   BBC News   Yahoo! News UK   Toronto Star   Independent Online      …


UK Bans Geller and Spencer, Sanctions IED Jihadist Squads

I have been banned in Britain. My crime? My principled dedication to freedom. I am a human rights activist dedicated to freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and individual rights for all before the law. I fiercely oppose violence and the persecution and oppression of minorities under supremacist law. I deplore violence and work for…


The Jewish Councils …… again

The below action by The Board of Deputies of British Jews is an enormously sad commentary on Jewish lay leadership, and worse, a stunning indictment of their culpability. It mimics the inadequate and ill-conceived political action of the Jewish Councils in Germany in the late 1930s and 40s. We are not supposed to say such…


Pamela Geller, WND: The media’s Shariah enforcement

Here's my column that appeared today in WND — I wrote it yesterday, before the UK banned us in a supreme act of unparalleled cowardice. Anyone who applauds this, no matter how vehemently they may disagree with my work,  is in for the rudest of awakenings. This not about Geller; this is about freedom. Pure…


Kevin Rawlinson of The Independent claims Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller didn’t respond to requests he never made #liar

Theresa May urged to ban "anti-Islam" campaigners entering UK to … Mirror.co.uk–by Paul Cockerton–Jun 21, 2013 EDL rally: Theresa May considers banning US bloggers from UK BBC News ‎June 22, 2013 EDL Invites US Anti-Muslim 'Hate Bloggers' Pam Geller and Robert Spencer to … IBTimes.co.uk - ‎Jun 20, 2013‎ Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer To Speak At…


Human Rights Activists From U.S. and Europe to Pay Respects to Jihad Victim on Armed Forces Day in London

Photo from left: Tommy Robinson, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, and Anders Gravers in  Freedom Rally in Stockholm, Sweden , summer 2012 NEW YORK, June 20: Human rights activists from three nations will converge in London on June 29, Armed Forces Day in England, to pay respects to Drummer Lee Rigby, the British service man who…


Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer To Speak At EDL Rally In Woolwich, Goons and Haters Call For UK Entry Ban

If you had told me that twelve years after 9/11, patriots and freedom lovers dedicated to opposing the ideology behind those attacks on the homeland (and over 21,000 deadly Islamic attacks worldwide since) would be demonized, dehumanized and the object of a campaign to get us banned from an allied nation — I would have…

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