Atlas TV: Heads Exploding on the Left

Hellzapoppin‘ over at Media Matters, the mothership for the tin foil hat crowd. The moonbats are howling now, warning their news shills never to have Geller on their shows :) They are afraid their bots might ………….learn something. I am very flattered. Thanks, boys. Well, we know where Chris Matthews No Balls gets his marching…


Atlas TV Alert: Hardball Tonight UPDATE: HARDBALL CANCELS After Media Matters calls for Geller TV ban

UPDATE:  Media Matters issued this edit today and like an obedient dog, Chris Matthews canceled.   It’s a funny story. The producer called me to do a pre-show interview where they review what your position is. So they ask me what SIOA is. I said, “SIOA is a human rights organization dedicated to freedom of…

FOX News: Geller VS cair

I was on FOX news tonight. Kimberly Guilfoyle was subbing (thank gawd) for Geraldo the clown. They had me on to discuss the 911 mega mosque at Ground Zero, and who was my adversary? Niwad Awad, Hamas supporter and founder of the unindicted co-conspirator, Hamas-linked, Muslim Brotherhood front CAIR. Awad was quoted as saying at…

“Tolerant” Daisy Khan on the Religious Freedom Bus Ads: “Ignorant”

Why doesn't Khan stop calling me names, and start calling out the jihadists? The Jewish star in her office (on the bottom of the picture at right) was rich. And while she calls me ignorant, she didn't refute, either here or on the Behar show, my charge that her husband, Feisal Abdul Rauf, said that…

Atlas Vlogs Free Speech!

Hey, check this out! The lovely Mark Campbell, who filmed the Free Speech Summit in Florida, edited these impromptu interviews with yours truly with Alan Kornman and also LTC Allen West (R), US Congressional candidate 2010, at the Geert Wilders event in South Florida. UPDATE: The Libertarian Republican liked my candidate for 2012 :)

VIDEO: Pamela Geller on Hannity

Yes …………. tonight. Atlas will be appearing on the Great American Panel on Sean Hannity's show at 9pm Eastern time. TIVO it. UPDATE: Thanks so much to AussieNewsViews for capturing Atlas on Hannity. (Hat tip Kasper) Cross pollination between blogs and media is a good thing. Part I Part II

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